Monday, July 5, 2010

Spilled Popcorn & Crappy Seats

Nope, this isn't my Eclipse review post. You can find that here. This is my Oh. My. Gawd. I would FLING MY POPCORN & CRAP MY PANTS if these 2 randomly walked into the theater & shocked the hell out of me.

*fan photo from robsessed.

Rob and Kristen took time out of their busy schedules to surprise some Eclipse movie goers in Los Angeles on Monday July 5th. Guess they weren't in NYC after all...Honestly, I'm surprised they did this. I know it's difficult for them to make public appearances without creating mass hysteria. I'm sure it was unnerving for both of them not knowing what to expect from the crowed. I also bet Rob's bodyguard Dean was hyper vigilant. Rob creates all sorts of irrational thoughts and behavior!

I understand that Rob is about to wrap up filming on "Water for Elephants" & Kristen should begin "On the Road" this next week. Wonder if Rob will have a break between now and BD? Speaking of BD, is it just me or did anyone else feel bit forlorn after seeing "What's next?" Breaking Dawn is a long ways away! But then I remembered that filming for BD begins sometime in Sept/Oct...and according to the Entertainment Weekly interview with R, K & T, filming will last about 4-5 mos, whereas the average movie films for about 2. Know what that means? TONS of Breaking Dawn set pics, as well as pics of the cast out & about! Squeee! I got into Twilight right before they started filming Eclipse, and I remember it being so much fun to see constant set updates and pictures. A lot of which were provided by the lovely Mandy @ Malicious Mandy's Mind.

Anyways, go here to see more pictures and videos of Robstens appearance at an LA theater. Lucky movie goers. Bet they never expected it.

Side note: I wonder if once WFE is finished filming, Rob will have his hair least the upper part? You know, so that it can grow out evenly for BD. Hmmm.....



  1. I hoped they would show up somewhere. I really did. Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky fans!

  2. I think it's awesome they showed up in LA. Lucky fans!


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