Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beautiful MOS.

I have seen pictures of Jackson from the shortlived 2005 TV show "Beautiful People," but I'm not sure I have ever seen this particular shot. Gaaaaaah! Look at that MOS! Holy Hale he's delicious.

Oh to be that blue sweater.

ES & I will have the absolute extreme pleasure of seeing Mr. Rathbone again this Friday July 23rd, as well as on Friday Aug 6th...100 Monkeys is playing a FREE show at the House of Blue here in San Diego. What's neat about this particular show is that they're playing in the restaurant, which has a much smaller more intimate setting than the larger concert hall. As for the Viper Room, those shows always kick some serious ass. The venue is great, the bartenders rock & the boys always seem to be at their best.

Before I leave you, here's is a sexy new vid of JRath from his Nylon Magazine shoot. He looks goooood.




  1. It's seems everyone has 100Monkeys fever now! Jackson is finally getting the love he deserves.

    And of course Jackson is a hottie. Did you notice how high his hands were on that blue sweater? *fans self* ;)

  2. wow- twice the jackson for you and elusive.. nice!

    thanks for the tasty afternoon snack

  3. I feel totally pervy having my first-time comment be completely dirty, but...Jackson can put his fingers in my pot...any fricking day!
    Love your show! :)
    A blog-lurking, hiding in my twi-closet, San Diego-an Twitard!

  4. @Lostrosebrown- Hey, a fellow San Diegan?! Awesome! Your dirrrty comments are welcome anytime lady...and I am LMAO right now because when he said that about fingers in the pot, it's the first thing I thought...but I was at work and trying to post fast so I totally forgot to include it. Are you going to the HOB show?

    xo J

  5. Ah Jen, I must say that your posts about Jacksper have always kind of made me cringe, until a few days ago me husband and I were watching the third season of The OC, and who should appear on my screen but Mr. Rathbone himself! And I have to say, with his natural coloured hair, no vamp makeup and clean-shaven, I think I finally understood! I'm still not convinced that MOS is any competition for RPattz jaw-porn, but let's just say I'm warming to him.
    Actually, Nikki Reed, Cam Gigandet and Justin Chon all make appearances in season 3 of the OC - Justin is only in one episode as Summer's prom date Big Korea (a Korean pop star), but the other 3 all have more substantial roles, and all 3 of them are in episode 15 if you want to check it out.

  6. I always knew I wanted to be watching that show when I saw previews for it, I just never really knew why until recently. He was adorable there.

  7. @Twired Jen- I would like to go to the HOB show, but my equally-obsessed friend (and the only one that understands me, in THAT way) is going to vegas...fricking without me! And I am shy and what would I tell my husband!
    But, I'm trying to get my brother to go...he needs a girlfriend and I bet I could find one at this show!
    And, I did tell my friend I would try to slip *someone* the tongue for her! I kid...sort of!

  8. Wow....I love this video....watched it a few times already. Cannot wait for the's been a while Jackson.... ;0


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