Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Moon Banter & Eclipse Compromise.

I thought I'd share some of the funny shit my s/o said during our viewing of New Moon. Yes gals, he watched it! I can hear the collective gasps. He indulged me and watched Twilight about 6 mos ago, and I have been trying to get him to watch NM with me since it came out on DVD. He was never adamantly against it, he just found reasons to weasel his way out of it. Ok, that makes him sound bad...I just never really put my foot down. In the evenings I'd be sitting on the couch before dinner while he was showering... I'd wait till he had a few beers and then yell into the bathroom..."Hey babe, wanna watch New Moon?" I always asked at sort of inconvenient times...I think I thought springing it on him would be the better idea. Guess not.

Anyways on Sat night I had my nose buried in my lap top per usual, and he said something about something [ok ok can't remember]...I responded with a "huh?" Next thing I know he says "Maybe I'll watch NM with you tomorrow night..." Of course I practically gave myself whip lash when my head snapped up in response. Then he said, "It might tear you away from your lap top for a while..." To that I squealed like a pig and decided not to push my luck.

On Sunday afternoon I get a text from him.

HERE IS HOW THE TEXT CONVO WENT (s/o in Green, me in Purple)

s/o":Hey babe, do you want me to grill something? We have chx & pork in the freezer. You choose.

me: Ok babe, sounds yum. Did you think I'd forget about watching New Moon?

s/o: Yup, I was hoping ;) jk ...can you take either one out of the freezer when you get home?

Aww he is cute sometimes. Anyway we ended up watching it, and here is some of the funny shit that came out of his mouth. I'm going to do my best to get it as perfectly accurate as possible...


Opening scene..."When are the wolves gonna tear some shit up?" "In the middle, but it's much better in Eclipse. I need you to get through this so you can come see Eclipse with me."

Bella in the parking lot..."You find her attractive? I don't see it. NOT AT ALL."

Jacob comes on screen..."Nice hair."

Classroom scene: "What the f*ck is wrong with that Asian dude?"

Camera pans in on the Volturi painting: "That's the Volteeeeri. Aren't you impressed I know that?" "Babe it's Volturi, and yes I'm impressed."

Seasons passing as Bella mopes in her room: "You never mentioned how depressing this movie is." "Um, only a thousand times."

Jacob in the movie theater: "Wouldn't it be sweet if he sprouted hair from his palms?"

Jacob shirtless: "Damn, looks just like me!" "LOL...not." What the f*cks up with his hair again?"

As Jasper goes after Bella: "Holy shit! Edward just chucked her against the wall!"

Jessica's monologue out front of the theater: "That chick looks like Brittany Murphy." ""

Bella racing to get to Edward: "Ooooh finally some DRAAAAAAMA!"

Shirtless Rob scene & make out with Bella: "See babe, you have more of Edwards body...except not as tall." "Maybe, but definitely not as hairy!"

Volturi fight scene: "Damn, he [Edward] ends up on his back a lot."

After Edward says "Marry Me": "LAME! Edward & Jacob should kicked the shit out of each other!"

New Moon ended around 11pm and he fought so hard to stay awake till the end...for me. As he's getting into bed he's yawns and says, "I'll give you my review tomorrow." Of course I told him I didn't expect him to love it and that I just needed him to see it so that he can watch Eclipse with me. He then says " Twilight movie per month is about all I can take." So rather than arguing I compromised, "So since you don't want to go with me to see it in the theater... will you see it with me as soon as it comes out on DVD, and not wait as long as you did to see NM?" He agreed. Sweet. Guess that's all I can ask.


  1. Yea for you! Sounds like he had fun watching it. Neither my hubby or myself have asked him to watch any Twilight. I am pretty certain he would hate them and I would get upset. So we just leave it be :)

  2. This reminds me of the children's story "The Princess and the Motorcycle Dude" - told from two different pov's (girl and boy) - sounds exactly the same - funny! At least he stayed through to the end! Now he has to see Eclipse so you can do a compare and contrast! :-)

  3. OMG, his comments during the movie are sooooo funny. Thank you for posting that.


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