Thursday, July 1, 2010

Has anyone seen my panties? (spoiler free)

Oh yeah, I remember....

This was all google could come up with.

They spontaneously combusted at the first site of Eclipse Robward. Holy f*ckhawtness. I mean really? I'll leave it at that. Don't want to go into specifics for those of you that haven't seen it yet...cough...Mox....cough.

So yesterday I went over to my Mom's house to hang out while ES was still at work....we went shopping to pick up some extra vino and amaretto of course. Since it was just going to be us 3, we didn't have any Eclipse decorations or cupcakes this time around. I think I'll save that for the DVD release night. Anyways, the sun finally came out around 3pm ( I hate you June gloom), so we made our way to the front porch with some sparkling wine.

I made a sign for the door just in case any neighbors decided to interrupt :)

No fancy signs for us folks. wine.

Midway through our wine consumption, I made a friend.

Mom told me to throw "Edward" into the bushes next door...
I gently placed him on a rock down the street & told him to "BE SAFE."

Once the sun disappeared & ES got home we headed inside to watch Kimmel again. We also watched "A Twilight Destiny" on E, as well as "When I Was 17" with Jackson Rathbone. My Twad even sat with us and watched the first two. He LOVES that stuff like a fat kid loves cake. lmao. We ate mushroom ravioli as a nod to Twilight & overall had a fun & relaxing night...even ending the evening with some amaretto on ice with a splash of cream. YUM.

This morning ES & I were chomping at the bit for Eclipse. Unfortunately I had really yucky cramps and wasn't feeling as amazing as I should have, considering the circumstances. I did take Advil and it took the edge off thank gawd, but you know how that goes. When we got to the theater it was dead. Eventually it filled with maybe 10ppl; not shocking for a Thursday morning at 11am in downtown San Diego. We went to the Gaslamp Stadium Theaters, which is the same theater that has been shown in all of the Comic Con pictures & videos. Anyhoo...we sat in our seats and chatted excitedly until FINALLY the movie began.

I re-made my shirt, sans PFach signature. Afraid to wash it ;)
Except the Twired came out a bit separated.
I knew I screwed up when my Grandma asked me what Twi-Red" was....ugh.

The joys of an uncrowded theater!

All I can say is that Eclipse was the best out of the 3 , and Robward looked the hottest. It was quite ridiculous how at some points I couldn't concentrate on the dialogue because he was just that beautiful. Swoon. I need to see it again ASAP.

More thoughts about the movie once most of you have seen it too.....Cause believe me I have stuff to say.

Moving on, when I got home this afternoon I had a pressie in the mail from one of our followers Munkee! A Twilighty/Robsteny BAG!

Outside front.

I turned it inside out so you could see the interior properly.
I wonder if Munkee has animals, because my cat was smelling it like crazy!

And the icing on the inside pocket cake...ROBSTEN!


Not sure when I'm going to see Eclipse again! UGH, RL calls this etc. I'm hoping to maybe squeeze a showing in on Sat night. If not, I'll have to wait till Wed. Gaaah!

I am zonked! I think from all of the anticipation. But even when I'm zonked I have to search for new stuff!

*Here's some schmexy new pics of Rob in a tux on the set of WFE.

*Also if you missed Kristen on George Lopez, it is so worth a look! She is flawless & relaxed. Also, Papa Stew works on the show!

*Didn't get enough Jacksony hotness in Eclipse? See new pics of him looking yummy at the Last Airbender Premiere & also out and about in NYC!

And last but not least, here's hottie PFach on Kimmel.

Have you seen Eclipse? How was your experience over all???
(try not to spoil the movie itself for those that haven't seen it yet)



  1. Yep, really enjoyed it...can't wait to see again for full analysis. Have to admit I was distracted by the wigs throughout...why Summit couldn't invest slightly more than $5.50 for the job lot I really don't know. Especially after hearing Kristen talk on Lopez about Summit trying to bribe her to not go mullet for JJ.
    Anyway, rant over. Rob was quite frankly stunning and I watched with a crazy kind of perma-grin whenever he was on screen...sigh...
    Same for Jackson but I had to really concentrate and look past the hair. He and Kristen were battling it out for worst wig award but I think he edged it. And I hate Summit for that.
    Also loved the Cullen scenes...but all other discussion can wait until after the spoiler embargo has been lifted ;)

  2. Emma,
    We can facebook about it :) I was just so pooped this afternoon. Going to bed early. Talk later.
    xo J

  3. Great let's discuss soon....btw, we just got the monkey tickets ;)

  4. Thanks for not spoiling things for me. I hope the theater we're going to is just as dead. That is an awesome perk!

    Glad you finally got to see it....hope the cramps go away. Aunt Flo is such a bitch!

  5. Rob was beautiful....*sigh* It is very distracting when you are just staring at Rob, mouth hanging open, drool dripping....I'm going to see it again tomorrow. I will try to be a little more focused! LOL

  6. That bag is adorable! So is your kitty! Looking forward to your review! :)

  7. Yea! It arrived. It almost certainly has eau de dog or even actual dog hair on it!

    I still haven't seen it...I promised a friend I would wait for her & I'm going camping this weekend. Hopefully Sunday!!! I went to a show last night where the band leader joked that they were late because they had to watch Eclipse and the crowd booed. The guy in front of me even did the double finger a la Kristen in Australia. Dumbass!

  8. He was finally the Greek God the was in the books. Tent scene he was beautiful despite Jacobs comment. I could not pick which shot he looked more beautiful. In the meadow looking at her or in that blue shirt against the snow. Nothing could top his black shirt in the bedroom. Just wish that scene had been longer.


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