Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Erotic. That is all.

*** I know I have blogged about MOTU before, but remember...my blog, my rules.

If you haven't read MOTU, hearing about it can get annoying, I know. I was once one of those girls naive to MOTU (Master of the Universe.) I had an extremely difficult time with the idea of imaging Edward & Bella as humans. I seriously thought it would never be possible. What surprised me is that once I got through the first chapter, I stopped trying to picture Edward & Bella as Twilight Edward/Bella, and let my mind just run with the characters as they were described in the book. Once that happened, I was good to go. Bella still looked like Bella Swan in my mind, and like I have said in previous posts, Edward had a Robert Pattinson face & a Christian Bale in American Pyscho body ;)

I wholeheartedly believe you're doing yourself a huge disservice by NOT reading it.
Seriously, read it. Now!

Soooo, through becoming obsessed with it, I found this video on Bleriana's lovely Rob porn-filled blog, The Cold Shower. Holy hell this vid is sooo hot. It might give you a better taste of MOTU. Of course it means something different to me because I have read it...twice ;)




  1. I just finished MOTU a couple days ago & loved it. I just want to read it again. Definitely the best story I have ever read.

  2. Oh my...there were a lot of nipples in that video, wasn't there...LOL!!!
    You people are going to wear me down with this fic, aren't you. Maybe I should continue it...I feel out of the loop.

  3. Jen...I'm right there with ya! :) I just finished it the first time the other day....and I will probably go back and read it again. I have a post about it rattling around in my head, but that story has me so discombobulated, I haven't been able to sit down and get it together. I LOVE Fifty!!!!!
    Laters, baby

  4. Nice video - very hot! But what the fuck is up with that song? Totally didn't give me a sexy vibe... oh well, I just put it on mute! LOL!

  5. @TwitardedMom- YAY you read it! Woohoo,I guess enough of our comments convinced you eh?

    @Mrs.P- PLEASE pick it back up. I was just like you and attempted to read it twice and both times couldn't get into it. It was one bored and lonely night at work that I made myself get thru the first 2 chapters.
    P.S. And yes, you are out of the very tantalizing loop that is MOTU ;)
    @Isabella-Amazing wasn't it? LOVE FIFTY and his fucked up ways.
    @LKW- Yah the song is a little off. BUT the vid...sooo hot.

    xo J

  6. I'm at a low point right now with the story. Hold on, let me see what chapter I'm on.

    Okay, chapter 62. But I won't give up on it either.

    First, if this was a movie starring Rob Pattinson, I would freaking line up in advance, a week.

    Second, that video was hot.


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