Friday, July 9, 2010

Watch out Rob!

Them Louisiana crawfish iz gonna git ya!

Rob, Rob! Will u sign my claws?

It was announced today that Breaking Dawn will be filmed in both Vancouver and Baton Rouge Louisiana beginning this Fall. Producer Wyck Godfrey confirms the recent news here. Um...Baton Rouge? Really? WG mentions that is has something to do with tax credits and crew availability etc...That pretty much goes straight over my head, as do most things. All I can focus on is which parts are going to be filmed there? I know they refer to other places in the BD, but the only location outside of "Forks" in the book is Isle Esme off of Rio de Janeiro right? Oh gosh, it's been awhile since I have read it.

"Bella my darling we're here...Isle Esme."

I hope Mandy & TC are ready for the Vancouver filming!

On an entirely different note, I just finished reading Water For Elephants. I wont post any spoilers, but will say it's a fantastic book and I especially loved the ending. I must admit that I pictured Rob as Jacob Jankowski the entire book. I didn't even try to allow my brain to create another image of Jacob. Once I know who the actors are that are going to play certain roles in a film adaptation of a book, I have a hard time picturing anyone else. Not anything to complain about when it comes to Rob though! Also, I believe Reese Witherspoon will make the perfect Marlena.

Rob as Jacob Jankowksi. The circus life suits him well ;)

Rob always looks sexy in a tux.

What parts of BD do you think will be filmed in Louisiana? If you live in Vancouver, are you excited for the return of Twi-stars? Have you read WFE yet? Tell me in the comments!

(If you have read WFE, try to keep book spoilers out of the post for those that haven't read it yet. thx.)



  1. I read the WFE script and it was good. Does that count?

    As to what they could film in Baton Rouge... you are right Isle Esme of course!!! No really they will probably do indoor stuff there. How could they do any outdoor filming.. it's an effing swamp. Not very believable as the Pacific Northwest nor off the cost of Rio either.

    But I guess they think we dont care... like 'Florida' scenes being filmed in Canada. Actually do we really care??? Nah

  2. @Kassie- Yah those FL scenes were bad in looked more like Maine to me than Florida.

    How did you read the WFE script? I have heard of several people reading scripts, where do you guys get your hands on them?


  3. Wait! Isle Esme should be filmed in Hawaii. WTF!!! Goddamn it!!!

    I need a moment...

  4. Oops @Kassie I commented from our other account. Oops.

  5. @Jen- Marie sent me the script... I can send it to you.

  6. Getting ready? Hmmm should I camp out at the airport back entrance and then at their hotel again?? Oh, I'll have to book a temp for work starting right now!! :)


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