Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's Sunday, Let Us Celebrate Rob-



So on twitter the other night I was having some friendly (not) banter (jk) back & forth with Mrs. P & Mox in regards to Robsten. They like to give me shit & I in turn, rub Robsten in their faces just a bit. YES, I'm a believer...and to celebrate that belief on this holy day...GO HERE. I wasn't aware this site existed and am super excited. It pretty much kicks ass. @LuvsMeSumEdward (follower her!) clued me in to a particular post this evening *thumbs up* & thank you LMSE! Anyhoo, their recent post showcases a few pics I actually haven't seen before. Ones that could possibly be even more convincing of the OBVIOUS.

Happy Sunday!



  1. No comment. Shit. I commented. You got me twice. You know I love you ...

  2. Hey Jen. I just made a mobile site for RobstenDreams. It reminded me of you the whole time I was working on it :)


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