Saturday, July 10, 2010

Need Your Thirst Quenched?


You sure?

Oh well, check this out anyway.

Let us marvel at "Thirsty Rob," shall we?

"Oh to be thy liquid that slips through RPattz lips." -me

I'm feeling thirsty, & not for liquid...

well, mind.

P.S. @Mama_Cougar just tweeted this & I about pissed myself. Her exacts words were something to the effect of "Holy crotch shot!"

Gawd bless him. That is all.

See more here!

*might wanna grab a spare set of panties...just sayin'!

Hope you enjoyed my little pic spam & the added crotch shot bonus! Be back later :)



  1. It is truly a CROTCH of glory. Pure, unabashed, GLORY CROTCH. God, I love this kid, SFM.


  2. Oh Jen. I love shots of his mouth. Weirdly surveying that the man will drink anything. Dunkin Donuts coffee?
    Squeals that they are coming back to Vancouver in the fall. Maybe they'll be here by Forks time??

  3. First I'd like to start with the crotch shot... thankyouthankyouthankyou inapproprate photographer more please.

    You probably dont want to hear about me going to see Rob on Oprah.. again. But, when we were there he was constantly drinking his water... like he would not put that damn cup down for more than 30 seconds before picking it up again... he must be like me and can retain a LOT of liquid at one time :)

  4. @Kassie- I never get sick of hearing about your adventures to Oprah! The water could also be a nervous habit. I could totally see myself doing that. Plus I'm sure their throats get totally dried out from all that talking!

    @TC- SQUEEE on them returning to Vancouver! I expect some set stalking from you!

    @MC- Ridiculous isn't it?


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