Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm High Off WFE & I Wasn't Even There!

I am beyond thrilled that some of my bloggy besties got to see THIS, up close & personal. Wow.  You girls so deserve it!  He was lookin' mighty fine tonight. Mighty fine....


I spy LatchkeyWife. I was going to circle her face with a paint shop program, but decided to be lazy. I'll let you try and find her. BTW, everytime the live stream panned to the fans, she was RIGHT THERE! I squeeled like a school girl!

Look who was also there! Robsten leaving the premiere. Gah! I love that couple so much it kills me sometimes.

So much to talk about, but I'm feeling overwhelmed. Funny, considering I wasn't there. I HEAR Mama Cougar was awesome! I also saw tweets that there was some drama from Fox.  I'm sure all the deets will comes pouring in tomorrow, along with more fantastic pictures.

Love all of you girls, and so happy you got to experience Rob!

Sidenote: Kimmel is on Wednesday!!!!

I'm so thankfull I have seen him in person, otherwise I might be a bit more stressed about not making it in. Cross your fingers and toes girls!

Oh...go HERE for vids of Robsten leaving the premiere ;)

Oh, & go HERE for NEW PICS OF JACKSON!!!!!!!!!! Gawd does he look delicious!



  1. I am still trying to catch my breath from today!
    My fingers are crossed for you on Wednesday!

  2. Can't wait to hear the juicy details! So so happy for them!! :D

  3. OK I have two things to point out.

    1. WHY, Rob, do you do the cheek-sucked-in-duckface thing when you pose? You're SO much prettier without the anorexic cheek look.

    2. In one of the 'leaving' vids over on Robsessed, it is clear as day that Kristen is wearing sneakers. With her gorgeous dress. WTF?

    Doesn't mean I'm still not jealous as all hell.

  4. Twikiwi- She is! Ha, they said she put Keds on after the premiere. That is sooooo something I would do. Actually on numerous ocassions at my parents parties, I have just put PJ's on when I was "over it"....we joked I should do that at the wedding. Not...

    xo J

  5. I was totally glued to twitter and my email all weekend and then the live stream on Sunday. It was just so exciting and it was the coolest thing to have so many friends there enjoying it. So this is what it was like during the Eclipse premiere, huh? I think I like being there more than watching it :) I'm just kidding (sorta), but am truly glad that there were so many Twitards there!! Can't wait to hear all the stories.

  6. @Twikiwi
    2-SERIOUSLY. But I love her anyway.

  7. The absolute best part of the whole weekend was spending it all the twitards that were there and all the new friends I made. The rest was all bonus :)


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