Monday, April 18, 2011

A Mish Mash Of Awesome Shit.

First, Rob & Reese on Moviephone's Unscripted. Rob and Reese are hysterical together...and obviously Rob is just so damn adorkable! I'm not huge on watching EVERY video out there, but this one is worth it!

And this is even more awesomesauce...Rob going in for the! I love how he just goes for it. I think Kristen was totaly caught off guard, like "HELLO ROB, we're still in the line of fire here!"

He's just like "Fuck it, BD is done filming, WFE premiere went great, we're in love, I had several drinks & I'm so getting some tonight!"


More awesomesauce!

*Rob on Regis & Kelly
Rumor has it @17foreverlisa & @MamaCougar got into the show!!!

*Rob on the Today's Show

*Hawt Kristen inside theatre w/ a fan.

Before I bid you adieu'....

Guess what?!? My boss wasn't sure if I was taking a half day on Wednesday, or just taking the entire day off (for Kimmel.) I told her I was going to work a half day and she said "you might as well take it off if you don't have too much to do, because I don't want to get blamed for you not getting into Kimmel.."

Gah! Looks like I'm taking the entire day off. Rob, here I CUM...again!

I hear the Kimmel show is very intimate, and much smaller than it looks. I hope so! I have seen The Precious at the NM Premiere, about 15 ft away...and again at the Eclipse Convention, but I could use a good up close stare....Gah!



  1. Wednesday will be my first time with Rob *blushes*

  2. All you ladies are so lucky! One day my time will come. Oh sweet Robjus it will!

    Have a nice and safe time!

    PS I am on board with ROBSTEN, ssshh, I'll tell Lisa.

  3. Nice post! Shame I can't watch that first vid. *shakes fist at 'not available in your region' message*

    I give a crapsten xxx

  4. Have a blast at Kimmel, Jen!! I'm so excited for you!!

  5. I loved the moviefone video. They were so cute together. Loved what Reese said at the end in the outtake too.

    And you know how much I love Tipsy Rob thinking Kristen was turning into him for a kiss and completely forgetting where they were and just caught up in the moment with his lady love. Kristen looks adorable in her reaction. So, so cute. They are slowly but surely showing more PDA and confirming what we already knew. Them coming out of the NYC premiere showing of WFE holding hands, really holding hands and not just "wrists" like the Nonstens claimed after the picture on the Paris airport tarmac, was lovely to see. The biggest regret of my trip is that I missed seeing them come out of the theater :(


    rottymama: YAY!


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