Saturday, January 9, 2010

Robsten...Isle of (Esme) Wight AGAIN!

Malicious Mandy posted this via @jittzpattzing on twitter.

Zoomed in...

So supposedly (I'm trying hard to be skeptical here) this is Robsten. Supposedly it's from the same day the Robsten crew was spotted walking together on the Isle of Wight coastline. See previous pics here. Looks like they might be holding could go either way. (fingers crossed)
Supposedly Sam Bradley's Sister posted this on her facebook account, and someone got their lucky hands on it... However, I highly doubt said Sister would post this. Who knows? All I know is that sure as hell looks like KStews post mullet head. And those look exactly like her legs (we saw quite a bit of her legs during the Europe New Moon press tour). Plus you can't ignore the outfit, looks just like KStews favorite style of jeans and hoodie combo. It's definitely hard to see Rob...with the blinding sun. =( Wonder if he was sparkling? JK. We puffy heart you Rob!

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