Thursday, January 14, 2010

JRath Yummyness

As I was doing my usual internet perusing (at work..what?), I stumbled upon these...mind you, I almost choked. Seriously. This is some serious JRath nekkid goodness. Anyways these are stills, BIG STILLS, from the movie HURT...which Sista' and I have of course watched. I'll save the movie review for another time. On to the the JRath Yummyness...

"I'm playing hide n seek with those Twired girls...ssshhh!"

"Hey girls, I lost my me find it?"

No Jackson, we will not help you find your shirt damnit!

PS Click the pics for bigger and better!



  1. Jackson has definitely grown on me. It may or may not have something to do with ff ;) Love the pictures!

  2. He he, u should see him perform with his band. He's like "sex on stage"..seriously. My Sis and I are going AGAIN..up to LA to see them at the Viper Room. Such a fun venue.

  3. I would LOVE to see him perform with his band. I "tweeted" them saying they needed to come to the Midwest. The blew me off, the bastards. LOL! I'm SO jealous that you live in Cali and get to do stuff like that. I'm tweeting Mrs. P about your post.

  4. I have been summoned...and now I am a follower...I'm easy like that. Jasperpants has powers over me.

  5. Um, mouth of sex... MOUTH of sex. Seriously... Jackson singing is like nothing else... and his bandmates are sexy... Ben G unconventionally so and Jerad, typically so... but my god... Jackson, mouth of sex.

  6. Yah yah yah...jk It's so true. JRath is "mouth of sex" questions asked.


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