Monday, January 25, 2010

Some of my favorite vids ;)

Back in late November I randomly found Sista' Sar and I on this You Tube vid. It was taken at the New Moon Premiere in LA. The New Moon Premiere experience was actually one of my first blog posts. You really have to pause it, or put in slow-mo (is that possible?) Whomever is taking the video starts by scanning the crowds...across the street, you'll see 2 trees, we are in front of the tree that's to the right if you're watching the vid. I was literally wedged between the barricade & that poor tree. I'm blonde & in a green hoodie, and Sista' Sarah is brunette & in white. Also, Sarah is next to a teeny bopper holding a white sign. Start looking at about .40 sec, he zooms into us at about .45 sec.

Then if you look at 2.05, you'll hear RPattz arrive. OMG, people FLIPPED OUT! Then at 2.22, he crosses the street to come to OUR side!!! I pretty much lost consciousness at that point. Surprised I didn't poop my pants. I admit I even shed a few tears...they just came out, couldn't stop em'... (ok ok ok, I was PMS-ing) The sad part was that just before RPattz got close to us, the barricade started to bow with the weight of the crowd...Faster than I could scream "Sparkly Peen", the body guards whisked him away. *sigh*

Found this a while back, can't remember where...might have been from Cullenboysanonymous. Jackson Rathbone performing on stage @ the Interlochen Arts Academy. Isn't he just too cute?

And alas, my all time favorite RPattz vid! Lovin' me some Kings of Leon! (hmm, wonder how I first heard about them?) Anyhoo, you'll see an abundance of RPattz porn in this vid. WARNING: You might need to grab a pantyliner for this one!

If you direct link to the youtube sites, you'll see who originally owned the vids (or snagged them from someone else.) No copyright infringement or stealing..or whatev' intended. Peace.


  1. Nice - love the vids! Aaaaand now I am late for work...

    P.S. Don't think we're asses if we don't follow you on Twitter - lol - it's hard to keep up on Twitter and the more people we follow the more we lose track of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! I wish I could follow everyone I [heart] but I get overwhelmed easily - lol. I love any @me messages (even the ones that call me a skank).


    skanky twitarded bitch

    : )

  2. Aww thanks STY..I figure that was the case on Twitter, I only follow about 40 ppl and get super confused as it is. We'd rather have you following our blog anyway. ;)
    Hoping to book tickets to Fooooorrrrkkkkks some time in the next couple months.


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