Sunday, January 10, 2010

PMS/Runny Nose/Twilight (yum!)

This post may include things that you don't care to hear don't say I didn't warn you. Several weeks ago I had a cold...a bad bad cold. I refuse to believe it was the flu (ok maybe it was a hint of the flu...just a hint) because I never ran a fever above 99 ish, and I never felt compelled to lay in bed under the covers. I hate people who get a bad cold and whine and bitch that they have the flu. IF you in fact had THE FLU, you would feel like death warmed over. I have only had it once, maybe twice, and it was a nightmare. Anyhoo, I had a bad bad sore throat most of the time, a super dry itchy cough, sneezy nose, etc....I wasn't bad enough to lay in bed, but I did feel crappy. It seemed like every day showcased different symptoms. (sign of the times I guess)

All the while I was coughing my brains out, DG never caught it from me. Fast fwd 3 weeks...he gets a cold. A cold that mimics know...sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes. It only lasts about 3-4 days. Right as he's starting to feel better, I start sneezing and my eyes start watering...WTF, how is that fair??? Yesterday I might as well as well have gone sans eye make-up because it was non- existent by the time I got to work. I had one eye that looked somewhat ok, and the other was nude and swollen. SEXY! To top it off, I had what my Mom, Sista' and I like to call "Period Face"...aka pre-period FUGLY FACE. Luckily the day eventually ended (thx God..I mean Rob). Around 8pm I finally took 2 Benadryl...Why did I wait so long you ask? Because once I take Benadryl I practically fall into a drooling, coma-like state (this might possibly happen if I ever met RPattz..hmmmm)...but boy does it do the trick! After finishing dinner and taking the meds, I fantasized about getting in bed and picking up my trusty copy of Twilight...for comfort reasons of course (yes I own 2, 1 paper and 1 hardback, don't judge!)...Who was I fooling? Once in bed I was out like a light in 2 second flat, with Twilight hiding beneath another book on my bedside table...yup...I hid it the other night as DG walked in from work & quickly replaced it with something else (do other books exist anymore?) I don't want him to think I'm that crazy (he's seen me read it about 3 times)....little does he know.

So on to today...even though I took the Benadryl at 8pm last night, it pretty much kept my watery eyes and runny nose at bay the entire day at work. (yes I work Sundays...LAME!)

I am your wonder drug...biotch!

Though my symptoms were significantly better, this afternoon I got home and felt HUGE!!!

Mr. Cullen wasn't having any of it, so I went for a ride w/ Jake...woof!

I stood at the kitchen counter and proceeded to eat spoonful after heaping spoonful of left over re-fried beans and turkey taco meat...oh and a dollop of regular sour cream to boot... (and that wasn't even my dinner!)

Later while I was cooking my second dinner, I fantasized once again about crawling into bed with my trusty Twi paperback...Fast forward a few hours and I have popped 2 Pamprin...Coma #2, here I come. It doesn't affect me as much as Benadryl, but it's close. I am such a FRAGILE HUMAN! I think I'm starting to hallucinate while typing this.

Think you're gonna read Twilight? Fogetaboutit!

So much for reading Twilight...for the 5th (?) time...I always have tomorrow right?!?!

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