Thursday, January 28, 2010

This gave me chills...Robsten POV vid.

Back off you "Nonstens" & "I don't give a Crapstens" ...This vid gave me major goosebumps. It's so adorkabe! And just look at the way they gaze at each other?!? Makes me feel all choked up for Christ's sake. What will I ever do if they break off their un-admitted romance? I don't even want to think of it. I curse the thought.

I think a chick named Honeybear made this vid. Her info is on the youtube page if you click on it. Very creative!

PS this will be my last post probably until Sunday... because... Friday afternoon we are heading up to LA to see 100 Monkeys! Sarah and I will be sure to re-cap on Sunday. Till then...We heart you all!


  1. I heart you too!! Have a great time at the concert. If you get him to sign something that says 'I Love Mrs. P' I'll love you forever...I know, not much incentive, but I'll think of something better if it happens.


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