Sunday, January 3, 2010

Robsten Vid...feel the oooey goooey love?

(from Robstenlovers)

I am one of those freaks that actually gives a flying f*ck about Robsten. I know they aren't Edward & Bella (kind of)...jk. Anyhoo, you can just see the sexual tension overflowing in their eyes. Can you not? I'm going to give you my theory, whether you like it or not:
I believe she was dating Michael Angawhatshisface during Twilight...but that she def found Rob super irresistible (don't we all?) I believe that her feelings were obvious and that really bugged whatshisface...I believe she broke up with whatshisface somewhere around the beginning or middle of New Moon filming, because she could no longer hide her budding lust for Rob...I believe she and Rob were flirting hard core with her new found singledom...and I believe they started hooking up/dating (whatever) towards the middle to end of New Moon.
You can read more on my Robsten theory here.

*I must close this by long as they are happy, I'm happy...WAIT ...WTF....who am I kidding? I don't even know if I could exist in this world if they broke up from their un-admitted relationship. Well unless he left her to be with me of course.



  1. Ugg! I know some blogs and people I live with (AKA my sister) couldn't give a rats or dislike the idea of a Robsten...but, really I like them and I know a good part of it is the characters but everyone likes to see "that couple" who just seem to have a real connection and are happy. I think they would rock! But young love being what it is...Rob will need consoling eventually right? Ha!

  2. Seriously! LOL. Thx for being a follower, we truly appreciate it. Tell your friends too! We're only at 10, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere right?
    PS keep a look out for shirts. We're trying to get that figured out.


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