Sunday, January 24, 2010

I spy Twi, how bout' u?

I admit that title sounded a bit "cheer-ish"...but it's all I could come up with. So, I'm sitting here, half watching the Vikings Game, half sipping *slugging* pinot noir (3rd wine ref this week!) and I think to, I have Twilight in almost every room of our condo. Mind you, NotSoTwired bf and I own a condo together...However, I have slowly but surely managed to sneak something Twi related into almost every room! Score! I know he's noticed...I think he's just decided to tune it out...which is great! Granted men aren't very observant most of the time...However, NotSoTwired bf is usually pretty good at noticing new clothes etc...

With that said, I think my Twi stuff has become kind of like a mole, you know it's there, but after a while it sort of blends into the persons face...yah? No. On to the pics. I'd offer a prize for picking out the Twilight loot, but it's certainly obvious for our Twi-eagle-eyes. And, I have nothing to give. Well, nothing to give to you. If Robward were to come around these parts, I'm a giver...a giver I tell ya'! ;)

What? I wasn't reading Twilight again!
(might have to squint!)

Yes...that's Jakeward in the tub, nope that's
not his real name. Grown to love that candle.

Someone went to Forks & all I got was this kick-ass
shot glass!!!!

Hmmm, is one set enough??? NOPE!

I see 3 bout' u?

Even the spare room has some Twi-love. Only
because NotSoTwired bf might not appreciate it
hanging above our bed ;)

"But babe...other bloggy bf's/husbands
are doing it!" So he humored me, in the
midst of the Vikes Game...
(Mind you, he's a born and bred Minnesotan'...


  1. bafreakinghahahaha!! I love DG at the end... too freaking classic. Oh Robward on a stick, you do get around. Next up-West Hollywood, your second trip (I'm speaking to Robward, btw).

  2. LMAO..he hears you...loud and clear. He's excited too! He likes to let the wind hit is face as we merge onto 101 N....

  3. LMAO!!! Jackson by the bed! Classic. You've already been to Forks???

  4. Still bummed about the Vikes :(

    I think I found everything except for in the bathroom! Is there a Twilight reference on the candle label or on the book of matches? Too funny about Jakeward being in the tub.

  5. @Lisa..yup it's the Twilight Woods Candle (not real Twi gear) from Bath n Body Works. They totally marketed that one to Twi Fans...Sista' Sarah gave it to me for Christmas..amongst many other things..a Robsten Mug (eat that MrsP!) ornament w/ the pic of us and Mr. MOS well as that framed pic of us you see... ;)

  6. hmmm you should take photos of your twigifts too... that ornament and that mug were freaking classic... I was so proud of myself and jumping with excitement and almost just gave them to you early.

  7. I should have...damnit...ornament is in X-mas box for safe-keeping...mug is cuboard...I mentioned it in comment though!

  8. You go DG!!!!!!!!!!!! whataman whataman!!!!!!!

  9. @Mrs. P...nope never been to FORKS...were u referring to pic on top of book shelf? If so, it was taken on a trail by DG's Sister's house in Minnesota. Though since seeing the movie I have realized it does look a lot like Fooorrrkkkss.


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