Saturday, January 2, 2010


I check Robsessed about 20 times a day, if I'm being on the conservative well as a handful of fantastic blogs (some of which inspired my own)...At my last check...2:09pm San Diego time, I see that our boy RPattz was 3rd Best Dressed Male according to Heat Magazine. Really? 3rd? WTF? He should have been #1, because he could be sportin' (wood...get your mind out of the gutter) a tutu and he'd still be hot. That tutu would be the best article of clothing EVER! Ballet Rob anyone?

Ok, with all due respect...cough cough...I know not everyone sees him the way we do, but really? I admit that I thought he was pretty damn fugly before reading Twilight. I was like "Who is this Robert Pattinson hobo?" Then of course, after reading Twilight and envisioning RP as EC...he became certifiably the hottest man alive... I wonder if someone wrote a book as popular as Twilight (will never happen) and they cast me in the movie as the hottest female character from the book, desired by all mankind...I wonder if I'd become just as lusted after?

Back to reality...I'm deciding I don't care he was #3. Seriously, he does just throw shit together, and that's what makes him so adorkable. Best dressed or not. Happy Saturday all you non-weekend workers!

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