Thursday, January 21, 2010

Now it's my turn to get emotional...

Like many of you in this twi-bloggy world, I Twired-Jen, am a Twi-aholic. I am also quite Twitarded, a definite Twi-hard, and super f-ing Twired. I believe the first blog I discovered at the commencement of reading the Twi-saga, was Malicious Mandy. It was during the start of Eclipse filming. Somehow I got wind of her blog, and began to crave my daily dose of set pics & set news that she so graciously provided. At the same time I was keeping close tabs on Cullenboysanonymous...Joyce is a doll, and very informative! Then out of nowhere, Twitarded slapped me up side the face. I naively followed a link regarding those naughty Edward panties, and it landed me smack dab in the middle of Twi-heaven...aka Because of those Twitarded skanks, Jenny Jerkface and STY , I was further inspired to create my own blog...& decided to invite my lovely and often elusive Sista' Sarah, who by the way, suffers from a nasty, dripping, oozing case of Jacksonitis.

From Twitarded I found LatchkeyWife.... my vertically challenged twin ;) who has also been most helpful. Then somehow, by the grace of ROB, Mrs. P from Twibite found us! SHE FOUND US! Did you hear that? And, we were even given the opportunity to take her Twibite Challenge! After that, dear Lisa over at 17Forever found me too!!! Ok Ok, Mrs. P & Lisa are like besties, but who cares, they found us!!!
This may seem very elementary to you all, but I think it's super know why? Because everyone has been so damn NICE. I hate the word NICE...But it's true. Jenny Jerkface and STY have inspired quite a few of us...and, they could have been all f*ckin' wretched about "HEY BI*TCHES, WE'RE THE QUEENS OF THIS FILTHY-SEXY-BLOGGY-WORLD, F-OFF!"...but they didn't. And, neither have any of you. So to all the aforementioned, SO TWIRED thanks you!

We even wanna give you a big wet smooch!

Part of us also wants to kiss your asses...

Ok, enough of the Monkey shenanigans...back to reality. We're all here for the same reason. We puffy heart Twilight and most everything Twilight related. Oh, and the majority of us wanna bang Robward in the dirtiest way possible. Am I right? Yup...I'm right. As if you needed reminding...PS I'm ALWAYS right.


Mrs P. says I have a sparkly peen...wanna take a peek?


  1. Actually I think that every day when Jenny Jerkface wakes up, the first thing she says is "HEY BI*TCHES, WE'RE THE QUEENS OF THIS FILTHY-SEXY-BLOGGY-WORLD, F-OFF!" - um, or something like that... Probably... I don't know - it sounds familiar...

    this post makes me want to give you big wet smooches and we just met! sort of...

    : )

  2. ;) u guys started it all...for me at least...and I had to pay some twi-respect.

  3. That's right...throw a little Jasper into the internet wind and Mrs. P will find you...
    (We're always out there secretly luring people into our vicious army)

    Big wet monkey smooch to you too.

  4. @ Mrs much do u love that monkeys ass? You could stick a fist in that thing!

  5. Um... Monkey Shenanigans? Jenni... never enough of those... Monkeys next weekend! boooooooyah! I need my monkey fix and jax... and j rad................................... and even some ben g........... sigh.

  6. I wish I was a monkey, I'd swing in the trees... I'd do my best, to imitate the man who does his best, not to imitate me. I know I have thoughts just like a man but none of the obligations........

    .... all I wanna do is swing in the treeeeees-

    ......big red eyes and a big red ASS...

    The monkey life is the life for me... Not a pirate or an MC. MC spider monkey! .........

    ... cruisin in my pint sized escalade...

    THere... my 100 Monkeys shoutout of the evening.

  7. PSSST.... Jentini! We could TOtally twilight it this weekend.............. just sayin'.

    Plus that fab new martini place...we could preparty for j. action.


  8. Awwww, Jen, I am just now seeing this. Thanks for the lovely post followed by that asstastic monkey pic.

    And I can't see your Followers right now (hell, I can't see anyone's followers right now -- mine included -- Mrs. P will have a heart attack if she sees they're missing), but when they do show back up again, I want a count, because I'm pretty sure I get bragging rights in finding your site first and turning Mrs. P on (well, that's another story) to you two. Just sayin'.

    @Sarah - Thanks for the 100 Monkeys' song :)



  9. awnnn I popped ur twi-blog-cherry ha ha ha <3


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