Friday, January 8, 2010

My Mom digs Alex Meraz & other nonsense..

In case inquiring minds would like to know, my Mom did read THE BOOKS. Sadly she was leaning towards Team Jacob about 1/2 way through New Moon...What is it with those Team Jacob fans? In New Moon (the book) I just couldn't get over Edward. Like Bella, their was a gaping-hole in my chest & a perpetual lump in my throat...In New Moon (the movie) better believe I remained Team Edward. Good God (I mean ROB), how could u not lose your mind during the scene where he pulls up in his Volvo and struts through the parking lot like an illegal Man-God? Sure... Jacob was fun to gawk a jail bate sort of way. I seriously considered the possibility of resting a Michelob Ultra on his ass when he flings himself through Bella's window.

Moving promotions started for New Moon, Mom took a liking to Alex Meraz. One day while talking about some trailer footage she'd seen, she looks at us all dreamily and says "I like Paul....." I don't disagree, he is pretty hot...IF you like those wolf boys. She even came up with a tricky Team Alex Meraz t-shirt idea. It's a play on words, and of course I'm NOT going to mention it here. Why the hell would I want you to steal her fantastic idea? I will tell you that I tweeted it to Alex and he DIRECT MSG'd me back!!! Of course I gave credit to my lovely Mom, and he told me to tell her that he thought it was so very creative & cool. Here's to you Alex Meraz...(enjoy the pics Mom!)

(courtesy of Twi-fans)


  1. OK, so weird - we really are almost twins! My mom is Team Jacob too. She wants to know why I want a cold hard vampire, when I could have a nice warm werewolf. Pffft... hello?! Retard... Jacob is a pup!!

    And do you let your mom read your blog? Holy shit... mine doesn't even know about it and it will stay that way forever!

  2. Let me start by saying that I have always been and will always be Team Robward. I felt exactly as you did about New Moon. But I can appreciate your mom's infatuation with Alex Meraz. He's got it going on! And how cool that you got a DM back from him. Talk about a total fangirl moment!!!

  3. like yeah..i'm all over this Blog. My daughters have the gift of expression, and one is absolutely hysterical!
    Yes,i can appreciate the chiseled good looks,but "the pups" are more my type...

    Retard Mom...heh!


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