Friday, January 22, 2010

Fri Night Robward Shenanigans...

Poor Rob is looking rough...thought I'd kiss it and make
it better. (No Mrs. P, I did not mean his sparkly peen!)

On second thought...

Um Robward, how did u get up there? Oh right, you're a Vampire!

OMG Robward, it's like u read my mind! Naughty boy!
What's that spot on your forehead? Did those Twitarded
girls steal u again???

Yes Robward, that's you...don't be alarmed!


  1. Freaking great... Robward should come with us to LA again next weekend...

  2. YES!!! He hasn't come on the last 2...he he he...muahaha muahhhaaaa evil laugh!
    PS I am OFF Friday...But as of right now, have to be at Sheradise at 4pm on Sat. =( But as long as we leave LA by 1:30...we should be good...we can stay and have brunch or lunch..walk somewhere cause our hotel is on Santa Monica Blvd ;) YAHOO!

  3. Traveling around, monkeying around, disco sticking hOOrs have way too much fun, and I'm SO jealous.

    And looky there. I definitely signed up to follow you before Mrs. P. I knew it!!! LOL!


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