Wednesday, January 6, 2010

True Blood. "Scene it?!"

Monday night (my Friday night...jealous?) I wandered into Blockbuster Video to rent True Blood. I wasn't sure if I could rent individual episodes, or if I had to rent the entire first season...had I had to rent a whole season, I would have walked my ass back out. To my absolute relief, they only had episodes 1&2 and 3&4. Mind you, enough people had convinced me at this point that I MUST watch the first season. Speaking eccentric, sweet & highly intelligent friend (we'll call her JB)...had been going on and on about True Blood since I first started reading Twilight. (August, I was a late bloomer)

"OMG, Jennifer (she likes to call me this to get my attention)...u must watch True Blood!"(knowing very well that I don't have HBO)

"Yah Yah Yah...but I'm not into Vampires."

"Um...Jen, you happen to be reading Twilight...isn't that about Vampires?"

"Oh...yah...right...maybe when I'm done reading...(and watching Twilight for the gazillionth time...)"

Keep in mind JB eventually read Twilight.. and she liked it... she's even willingly participated in some of our Twired shenanigans such as our Twi-slumber party, Team whomever T-shirt decorating, New Moon watching etc, but that's it. She "LIKES" it. I don't get people like that. It's almost as if their lives wouldn't be any different had they not read it. Really? Twilight has given me a high I never thought possible. Seriously, I have never done (hard) drugs...but I doubt anything could be better. I have another friend, one of my closest friends, SL. She read the saga as well as watched Twilight & New Moon...but that's it. It's like they have this immunity to the insane crack-like addiction that is Twilight. Is their something different about us Twihards? Maybe we have an addiction gene? Nope that's not it...I LOVE alcohol, but I'm not an alcoholic...I mean, I don't drink dirty martini's in the morning....

Moving I stood in line to rent True Blood (just ep 1&2, couldn't bring myself to pay for the second DVD)...I noticed the"Twilight Scene It" DVD game. Oooooh I thought to myself...should I? It was on sale from $29.99 to $19.99. SCORE! I immediately called and consulted with Twired Sista' Sarah..."GET IT!" was all she said. She asked if Twired BF was home...I said that he was working late. Then she sheepishly asked if she could come over after work. Um..Hell Yah! So she came over...we poured ourselves a glass of Pinot Noir, and sat down to play. GOOD GOD (i mean Rob)...It took us 15 minutes to figure out the f-ing game! It's like you have to be a member of MENSA to get it. Well...eventually we did (does that mean we're smart?).... I think we hadn't purchased the game prior to this because we had this fear that it would be too easy. Um...nope..I give em' kudos! It was pleasantly challenging. Oh, and Carlisle as a narrator is PERFECT. He sounds like a naughty Doctor...kind of makes you want to hump the TV...

Back to True Eh is all I can say. Have I been scarred by Twilight? I mean, I was never into Vampires. And what's up with the fangs? The way they pop out is so cheese-ball. Besides, Anna Paquins gap BUGS the sh*t out of me, and Eric Northman? Eh...I much prefer Robward.

"I'm trying so hard to look like Edward, but I have
no lips, and I'm rockin' Lydia Deetz bangs"

"I can burn a hole thru women's panties in 2
sec flat...jealous?"



  1. Lol this post makes me laugh... especially since now you're way into True Blood. But just reading this is the way I think I'll feel if and when I start watching TB. Anna Paqwhatsherface bugs the hell out of me.

  2. Stumbled on your blog & am cheering that I and my friend, are not the only 'over 10 year olds' playing the Twilight Scene it.
    I'm also addicted to True Blood, but i read the books first - dont know if I'd be in love with the show without having read the books - which are VERY different from the show... But give it a chance, you may love it yet!
    I'll be following, fun blog!:)

  3. Hey lady! Thanks so much for the comment. Wow this is an old post! I do have another blog: that has a bit more True Blood stuff. I decided it was mean to Edward if I put too much ASkars stuff here :)

    I have lots of Twi adventures in the archives, check those out too!

    AND thanks for being my 155th follower! I like odd numbers.

    xo J


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