Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rob, is that you?

My first day back at school... It's January, beginning of the semester... great.


While I felt slightly bad and silly about blackberry stalkarrazzi-ing this poor, innocent bystander... I felt more compelled to document the sighting and share it here. Besides, 'poor, innocent bystander' nothing! He knows he's trying to look like RPattz. I mean he must know, right? He was even wearing Robward RAYBANS... and it was cold and grey today.

In the words of Mrs P...

Peace, love and sparkly peens,



  1. Peace Love & Sparkly Peens...OMG THAT IS F-ING HYSTERICAL! And that dude is totally trying to pick up chicks..."Mesa College...where RPattz wannabies hang."

  2. WOAH! He totally looks like Rob! AND, you owe me $5 for the "Peace, Love..."...I have it copywritten...I kid.

  3. OMYROB, THAT's where I got it from... I totally thought I made it up... doy.

    Man, I'm such a plagiarizer! I credit you, I credit you... and HALE you, Mrs P!


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