Wednesday, January 20, 2010


thx to the enticing folks over at Robsessed

I just got back from Vegas, and needed a little pick me up...Well my friends, this picture picked me up, stripped me naked, spun me around, and threw me full force into a wall of yummy goodness...Good God (I mean Rob). If you don't hear from me for a while, it's simply because I have died and gone to RPattz heaven. Enjoy (keep the couch dry) and good night.


  1. Good night jen...and thanks for the 'pick me up'. He's rediculously perfect.

  2. Good night Mrs. P! Thought that might perk ya up a bit...and lend itself to some pleasant dreams ;)

  3. Twired Sarah, you said it, "oh good rob..." Can I just add, "I love him."


  4. pssst mrs twibite, do you mean, 'good PIC me up'? muah hahahaaaa

  5. @Twired Sarah - Only if you let me add, "I love him more." LOL!

    And Mrs. P might be pssst at that comment. Don't forget she bites. I kid. I kid. She won't be pssst ;)


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