Monday, February 1, 2010

Random Monday odds and ends

Hold on to those panties girls...

"Don't look so sad...I'm right here Rob..."'s a still from Remember Me! Oh man, I am going to have to get over my issues with seeing RPattz in a movie with someone other than dear KStew...because he looks simply delish. I'll have to remember to take napkins so I don't drool all over myself.

And here is the lovely JRath back in 2005. A still from a show called "Close to Home." Gotta love that baby MOS face! Those lips, those teeth, that chin...Jacksonitis is creeping up...

And I couldn't leave out PFach & JGarth. Here they are at the Grammys...I have loved Jennie Garth since I was about 11. Didn't every girl want to be snobby/slutty Kelly Taylor? No?...Brenda was such a dirty buck-toothed wench! I have to say she looks gorgeous, and Peter isn't looking too bad himself. I def have a lil' crush on Peter Facinelli...Ok a little more than"lil'"...but don't tell Robward or Jacksper! Esp not Robward!!

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  1. I love me some Peter (she said that)! And my heart cracks a little more every time a see a movie still from Remember Me...


    P.S.: Did I scare Sarah off?!

  2. Scare her?! LOL no,she's a tough cookie. PS i just edited post while you must have been commenting...

  3. @Lisa PS Sista' will be MIA off and on for the next couple months, as she works full time and takes a couple classes. She was able to blog a lot recently because she was on winter break.

    As for me, though I work full time, I also have quite a bit of freetime/freedom. =) Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

  4. Good to know, Jen. I was giving her crap on my blog about not actually being a follower and then I was caught staring at her boobs, so I thought I might have skeeered her. LMAO!

  5. No way did you scare me off! :) Jen's right,I really don't scare easily.

  6. ....and that's why we love you Sarah. Now I must scroll back up and stare at Jackson's mouth.

  7. I have loved PFach for a loooong time. I would also add that I have a girl crush on Jenny Garth. They are just too adorable together. They make me happy.

  8. @Mrs P: Watchout! Does dangerous things... ... drool.

  9. I too love me a bit of the PFach...and have to say that is a quite excellent photo of M.O.S...nice.


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