Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it...

Kellan Lutz is really cute. Like...oh my Gawd! Look at that tongue, (ignore orange hair) and those muscles? Wowza!

Is that a football in your hands, or are you just happy to see me?

Here at Twired we don't post many, if ANY pics of Kellan...and I was starting to feel a little guilty about that (Rob, that's your cue to spank me.) I'm sure out of all of our 28 followers, someone has to have a Kellan hankerin' right? Well, here ya go:

Kellan! Did u just hide that football in your CK's?

Kellan reminds me of that guy in HS who all the girls swoon over. Sure he plays football, has a stellar physique, dimples that could stop traffic & not to mention a really kick ass personality...but he just doesn't "DO IT" for me. I'm not saying I wouldn't do him & enjoy it, it's just that...that's it. Maybe I crave more of a mystery.He doesn't have to be a bad boy...but there has to be that spark (sparkly? what?)...ya know?

Onto Mr. Lautner (can I call him Mr? I mean, how many more days till he's legal?)

For legal reason, I am going to pretend I am not zero-ing in on your crotch...for legal reason.

IF I was 13, I'd have it BAD for Taylor. I admit it wholeheartedly. I'd still be Team Edward 100%, but Taylor would have his Teen Bop Magazine pic posted on my wall too. He kind of reminds me of Andrew Keegan...I had it bad for him back in 1994. You know, the kid from "Camp Nowhere." Let's just pray dear Tay doesn't end up looking like Andrew.

When is your birthday again Taylor? Oh yes, February 11th (5 days before mine...hint, hint, hint.)

Seeing as my dinner is almost ready, I'd like to wrap this up & leave you with a pic...Now this guy is kinda scruffy, kinda mysterious, kinda hobo-ish & ABSOLUTELY ADORKABLE! Now HE, is my kinda guy....

Oh are the apple of my eye.

Anyone disagree?
Didn't think so!

xo J

*all pics courtesy of! One of my favorite go to sources.


  1. I'm going with the answer of e) all of the above!

  2. OK---now, don't get me it Mrs. P's intuition...but kellan reminds of that guy they swooned after in high school (like you said), but once you finally managed to get him in the back seat of his father's mustang, you would discover he was a really bad kisser. I don't know...doesn't do it for me the way Rob does.

  3. @Mrs P....YES, that's it. I was trying to pin point what it was...Was it a small dick? No...Was it body odor? No...It was that he was a bad kisser, and that truly just ruins everything. LOL

    Well, that and the fact he just doesn't DO IT for me.

  4. "kinda scruffy, kinda mysterious, kinda hobo-ish & ABSOLUTELY ADORKABLE"

    .....Perfect. :D

    And yea, KLutz is hawt, and has everything there, but he just doesnt do it for me.

  5. he would pounce on you...or bite too much...or lick your face or some shit!!!

  6. OH GOD what is wrong with me??? Remember Jen? I too had it for Andrew K. What kind of Mother am I?

  7. @Poptarrt...;)
    @Mrs.P LOL...or maybe fart during a BJ.

  8. @Joanne...aka Mom...You had it for Andrew Keegan? WTF? Actually I kind of remember that. Too funny!!! He's kinda gross now. Hopefully that doesn't happen to Taylor. PS have u seen his Dad??? (eeek)

  9. I really had to think about who does it for me . . . yeah, right. It's totally Taylor ;)

    Seriously, though, thanks for the eyef*ck from my Hobolicious Rob. Can never get enough of that!

    @Mrs. P - You got it right, as usual. It didn't matter how sexy and sweet a guy was in high school - if they couldn't kiss, it was buh-bye. It was definitely a prerequisite of mine. I married my best kiss right after I graduated from high school. We'll be married 30 years this October. That was one great kiss. Just sayin'.

  10. @Lisa...30 years? Congrats! My Mom (who posted above) has been married 32 yrs I think.

  11. @ Lisa and Twired Jen - 2 days until 10 years for me, if I don't strangle him by then ;)

  12. @Dangrdafne...he he he. I'm at 5 years with my boyfriend. I'll ditch him if he doesn't marry me soon. LOL. jk....well,kind of.

  13. So glad you all don't like Kellan that much. He'd pick me anyway. LOL

  14. @TwitardedMom It's YOU! I knew it. When I was posting this, I was thinking to myself that I knew someone in our bloggy circle loves Kellan...Well Missy, that post is for you!

  15. @Twired Jen - Thanks, but there you go again reminding me I'm old enough to be your mom *waving hello to Joanne/Mom*. LOL! And, yes, five years is long enough to figure out if you and your BF are compatible. He needs to put a ring on it. (Don't tell Mrs. P that I just quoted a whats-her-name song, though!)

    @Dangrdafne - Congrats on nearly 10 years of marriage. Trust me, after almost 30, there have been many days I wanted to kill my hubtard, too. Just sayin'.


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