Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday love & my "Freebie 5"

I'm feeling a bit...well, appreciative today. Everyone has welcomed us with open arms & accepted our virginal blog. Not virginal in a clean sense, (gawd no!) but virginal in that we're new to the bloggy world. I guess you could say that we're NEWBORNS! Though we don't have the desire to drink your least not yet. Anyhoo, I wanted to give a few quickie shout outs:

Twitarded: aka "The Holy Grail" of Twilight blogs. You b*tches make me laugh my ass off. When I'm bored at work, I scroll through your hilarious archives and am instantaneously entertained. Sometimes when you have a new post, I get so excited it makes me have to poop. You continue to feed our dirty little Twi habit & I thank you for that.

Latchkey Wife: aka my "dirtier-mouthed blonde twin." I'm guessing if I met you in person & didn't know you via the twi-blog world... I'd have no clue of how foul your little mouth can be...and I love it! You have helped me a ton w/ my bloggy endeavors. *Smooch!*

17ForeverLisa: aka "the innocent one." At least in my mind you are. You're always so kind & have a unique perspective on things.....Plus it doesn't hurt that you give a HUGE CRAPSTEN too! I will forever puffy heart ya for that! (Go ahead and GAG Mrs. P )

Mrs.P @ Twibite: aka "The Dominatrix." So maybe it's the pics with whips, but I can't stop visualizing you that way. You're like the naughtier version of all of us combined. Plus I totally dig your ideas and challenges. You keep us on our toes...or all fours...

*Please don't go crying if you weren't just means I need to get to know you a little bit more, or you already know you kick ass...such as Malicious Mandy, Robsessed & CullenBoysAnonymous.

One of the newest blogs I'm following is Mama Cougar over at The Cougars Den. She was recently twittering about her "Freebie 5"... You know, the 5 celebs you'd sleep with if given the chance, knowing your partner would be ok with it. You know he has his 5! Well ladies (and bi*tches) I encourage you to do a post about your freebie 5. You can put them in order...or not...

Here are my Freebie 5:

1. Robert need to explain why. He just "does it" for me.

2. Jackson Rathbone...well because in all honestly, I think I have developed a case of Jacksonitis, thanks to Twired Sista' Sarah. She has a tendency to spread disease. ;) If you're worried you might have it, click here for symptoms. Though we can't promise treatment.

3. Tom I know I'm gonna get some backlash for this one. LOL. However, since it's my blog, I'm going to say Tom Cruise circa' Cocktail. Yes, that's right ladies, I'm specifying. Not the currently crazy Tom that keeps Katie Holmes locked away like a Stepford Wife...that's just plain creepy.

4. Jude Law...Truthfully I haven't seen him in many movies, however, I fell in love with him in The Holiday. Maybe it's his snarky Brit attitude, maybe it's that he's got that jaw porn thing down...not sure...but I like it. Even if he is a man-whore.

5. Gerard Butler...this was hard. Not because I don't have a major thing for him, but because it was between him & a couple others...who will remain nameless...(Peter Facinelli, Michael Vartan.) The Scottish accent gave him the extra points he needed. Granted, he's been packing on the lbs lately...but I still find him intriguing.

***Ok gals, I totally look forward to seeing who your Freebie 5 are...even if you're single.

I'll also be looking forward to your "What the Forks? Where's Johnny Depp?" I don't find him attractive girls....get over it! Nor do I find George Clooney that attractive. I know, I know, maybe I'm missing a gene or something. Who the f*ck knows.



  1. Love your Freebie Five! Jude Law is delicious. Thanks for the props and welcome to the bloggy world.

    I've drafted a Freebie Five post, but I'm saving it for Valentine's Day weekend. ;-p


  2. Good idea... Can't wait to see it;) PS really enjoyed watching your vids. They are great! Did u see Rob was ahead of the game this year?

  3. Awww. Mwah! We lurv you guys.

    Freebie 5, huh? Hmmm, I know who my number would be!! LOL!

    Thanks for the shout out, darling!

    P.S. - I'm glad we make you have to poop. I consider that a great compliment. ;)

  4. @Jenny Jerkface ;) Anytime daahhhhling.

  5. @Twired Jen - I have to agree that I am probably "the innocent one" among this group. It's hard to be promoted in the ranks of Twitarded whoreflaps. Just sayin'.

    Seriously, though, you know I puffy heart you (and Sarah), too. Thanks for the shout out. Keep doing what you're doing. It's working. Mwah!

    I answered this question the other day at Twilight SagaPalooza and I've already changed my #5. No brainer on my #1, though. I'm going to post my list here, though, because being "the innocent one" that I am, I won't be posting it on my blog :)

    #5 - Ryan Reynolds
    #4 - Jake Gyllenhaal
    #3 - Ryan Gosling
    #2 - Robert Downey, Jr.
    #1 - Robert Pattinson (of course!)

    I do have Jacksonitis, but I just couldn't put him in my Freebie 5, yet. Freebie 10? Yeah!


    P.S.: I'm glad you threw in the disclaimer about Tom Cruise circa Cocktail. LOL! And I love the movie The Holiday.

  6. @Lisa- Ryan Reynolds is starting to grow on me...LOVED him with Sandra Bullock in The Proposal. He's really cute.
    And since I'm not innocent, here's my Top 5 Straight Girl, Girl Crushes:
    1. Scarlett Johanssen
    2. Rachel McAdams
    3. Ashley Greene
    4. Blake Lively
    5. Rose McGowan

  7. Hey! Thanks for the kind words... why do I think that calling me "foul-mouthed" is kind? I'm warped... LOL! Mwah!

    My 5 freebies (or as I like to call them - my top 5 free famous fucks.

  8. Love your blog! Just thought I'd share my freebie 5:
    1. Rob Pattinson
    2. Edward Cullen
    3. Domward
    4. Tattward
    5. Mafiaprinceward

    MMM MMM....yeah I know...I gotta problem ;)


  9. @twimarti - Welcome to the party (that rhymes!), and your list is fucking brilliant! Although, I have no idea who 3-4 are :o

  10. @Twired I would have Soooooo gone with Michael Vartan over GB--I miss not seeing him weekly on Alias! He's such a cutie!

    @17 My exact words to my hubby when we walked out of the movie theater after seeing The Notebook was "That guy is my new boyfriend! I could have sat thru 2 more hours of him." I said it all dopey and giddygirly. I miss Ryan Gossling--he needs to do more romance movies!

    Just like Scott Speedmen--I miss him too! I'd love to see him show up on Grey's or PP as a doc.

  11. @Twifiltered brain - Ryan was so sexy in The Notebook. And I think we're going to get some more sex(y) in the movie he debuted at Sundance. Here's the link!

    And Scott Speedman is another great choice. He had great onscreen chemistry with Kate Beckinsale. I would have loved to see Kate Beckinsale in Bel Ami with Rob btw.

  12. @ Lisa - Domward and Tattward are from FanFics you are not reading yet, I believe. Tattward is from Clipped Wings and Inked Armor and Domward well he could be from the Dominant or Master of the Universe (I am not positive about that one).

    In regards to this post - I don't have a blog so here are my 5:

    1. Will Smith
    2. Ryan Reynolds
    3. Chad Lowe
    4. Bradley Cooper
    5. Christian Slater

    #1 is always #1 but the other 4 change over time.

    And I am as "innocent" if not more so than 17ForeverLisa but I do have 2 females on a list:

    1. Madonna
    2. Halle Berry

  13. @Dangrdafne - LOL!! I would definitely do three out of your five freebies - Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, and Bradley Cooper :)

    And Madonna?? Never would have guessed that about you. That's why these are so fun.

    You reminded me that I did not do a Girls Freebie Five, though. This would be one way to get more time with Freebie 5 men, don't you think?

    #5 - Scarlett Johanssen (Ryan Reynolds)
    #4 - Reese Witherspoon (Jake Gyllenhaal)
    #3 - Rachel McAdams (Ryan Gosling)
    #2 - Mrs. Robert Downey, Jr. (Robert Downey, Jr.)
    #1 - Kristen Stewart (Robert Pattinson)

    I know 3 & 4 aren't technically still couples, but there's still a connection. LOL!


  14. @ Lisa - I am a Madonna fan from the beginning. I own all her music and I got to see The Girlie Show in the 8th row in Philly many moons ago. She is amazing to me.

  15. @17 Thanks so much Lisa I didn't realize Ryan G had that going on! Kate B and Rob wld be cool together w/ their accents. I wld put Kerri Russell with Rob (they might run their fingers through their hair at the same time a lot). I'd put Scott and Rob in a movie together as brothers-yum a twofer--that's another list I guess.

    I'm so noncommittal with a list...but besides the obvious already mentioned I purr over Jeffrey Donovan on Burn Notice. And then Rob Lowe at the Emmys absolutely knocked my socks off. How does he look SOOO good still?

  16. @Twired--Tom Cruise circa Cocktail--good times he's about 26 years old, looking great, really holding his own in movies, making lots of cash, going to lots of big Hollywood parties....

    and Katie Holmes is like in the 4th grade.

    If we could have all known not to believe our mothers who said, "he's too old for you!" LOL

  17. @Twifiltered brain:
    I think Katie Homlmes and I are the same age..DAMN, I had a chance!!!


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