Monday, February 22, 2010


Well hello there! If you haven't seen the original pic I posted as a teaser, check it out here. I had a surprise guest at my 30th birthday party! Thanks to Twired Sista' Sarah...EDWARD CULLEN came!!! (get your mind out of the gutter you dirrrty whores!)

We told him it was Bella's blood...thought it would buy us more time...sshhhh!

Ahh, and the Edward Cullen shenanigans begin...

One of the Grandma's and a friend (who I like to call my "mail order bride")...were choosing to ignore the watchful eye of Mr. Cullen.

My "mail order bride" could no longer ignore Edward's watchful gaze... I think she misunderstood and thought it was a lustful gaze.

Not So Twired Dad tried to cop-a-feel!!! OH MY GAWD...DAD!?!?!?

First NST Dad, then NST Bf...what the hell? I think Edward was starting to get a bit uncomfortable. I told him we'd eventually find some alone time.

Even Twired Sista' tried a quick smooch...fortunately I think Edward was starting to fall unconditionally and irrevocably in love with ME.

Apparently my NST bestie found it really funny that Edward was much obliged to indulge me.

Sarah thought Edward might fit in a bit better down in La Push...I think he looked very "San Diego."
Though I would have preferred him in his birthday suit.

Sparkly? Uncircumcised? Crooked? Small?!!?......I had to find out for myself...

As you can see, cardboard Edward was a hit. I didn't include all the Edward related pics because honestly, cropping out ppl's faces was starting to get f-ing annoying. He was definitely a hit though. The greatest part, I get to keep him! Unfortunately, he's going to stay folded up in my spare closet....I doubt NST boyfriend would appreciate his watchful (lustful) gaze over me as we sleep. Though I'm betting I'll take him out now and then when I'm alone. ;) And, he's definitely coming out for any parties I throw at the condo...that's for sure.

And here are a few odds and ends:

The table was super cute! NST Mom made the little "umbrella drink stick" centerpiece.

I received 2 bottles of the above wine. Was it too much to ask to have them cover up "Valley of the" and just put "New" ??? Actually, I think 1 person thought I'd appreciate it and make the connection...which of course I did...hello, I have Tw-brain. I could find a way to incorporate Twilight into everything. I had to physically point it out to the other person...and she's a Twi fan. Ugh...I'll let it slide...she's been recovering from a sinus infection. Gross.

Then I got this. Granted one person combined it with the above wine...which I give them kudos for. They even included some New Moon napkins! However...I wonder if they knew Godiva made real Twilight endorsed milk chocolate bars? Oh who am I kidding...RL people don't know that shit! Luckily, I prefer dark the one I got was PERFECT.



  1. Is that your "worst case scenario option" outfit? If so, it's awesome. If not, it is still awesome! You look great and also very happy. I am glad Edward enjoyed himself for the most part, as it seems most of your guests had a good time with him ;) Looks like the party was a hit and I am happy for you. Congrats again on the big 3-0!

  2. @Dandrdafne: Thank you! Actually I couldn't find a dress, but found a great top...that's until I spilled wine all over myself..actually a friends kid kind of assisted...Anyhoo Sarah gave me the pink shirt to wear, and I ended up liking that one better. LOL

    PS i made up for it later by spilling my wine on someone...I'm like a bull in a china shop. Seriously.

  3. LMAO!You cropped out his junk! Looks like you had a blast, and the Twired Sistas are hot mommas...
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yah...couldn't have his sparkly peen peekin' outta my mouth :)
    PS thanks..xo

  5. You look great. No need for a new dress. The NST Dad photo is hilarious. Live that your family can all be okay with your obsession. I love the RL people don't know shit comment. They all get that glazed over omg look when you start spewing twi knowledge. Have you had the Godiva new moon chocolate yet?

  6. @twilightcupcake..nope it's (chocolate) in the cupboard waiting for the perfect Twilighty moment...NST bf works late Thurs night...might have to watch twi and eat it then. lol

  7. Looks like a good party. I was just discussing with a co-worker that I have no idea what to do for my 30th. All I know for sure, is that Edward won't be attending, because no one indulges my Twi obsession but myself. Everyone else just thinks I've lost my mind.

  8. Happy Birthday! Looks like it was great fun. I can't believe you all are just turning 30 tho. FEELING OLD OVER HERE!! Lol!!

  9. @Jelena: I had no idea cardboard Edward would make an appearance. Sarah even said he was tad expensive. I think he was a hit. No one made fun of me though, so that's a plus.

    @fanficzombie: Age is but a #...well when you're past 25..I think. PS how's the weather been up in Northern Cal?


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