Tuesday, February 2, 2010

But... Jackson TOUCHED it!

Oh NO... I've just discovered that blogging is a fabulous way to get out of doing homework and studying. Well, not a way to get out of it, but a new way for me to procrastinate.

I've been pittering around the house allllll afternoon not doing anything I should be doing and everything I'm not. As I was considering doing something productive (as I should be), like laundry, a whole bunch of emotions and questions tumbled out of me. I had a big, big conundrum on my hands. A conundrum much larger than anything to do with studying or procrastination. Laundry. My dress (that I wore to the 100 Monkeys show on Fri... read: THE ONE THAT JACKSON TOUCHED) was dirty. When something is dirty, it needs to be washed... right? I thought about that for awhile, dirty... what is dirty really? A little sweat from dancing frantically and passion around to 100 Monkeys?? A little second-hand smoke from standing outside talking to Jerad? Is that a bad thing? I mean... do I really HAVE to wash it? I'm really battling with the idea of washing something Jackson touched. Oh no, does that mean I shouldn't have washed my self?

I am undecided. SO, I have left it in the basket and here I am... emailing my sister and meandering around the idea for a new blog. New BLOG, elusive S? Shouldn't you be studying? Yes... damnit, but this bloggy shit is just so much better at capturing my attention.



  1. Agreed...blogging is becoming an obsession. However, I have to remind myself to not get blog-itis and that quality is more important than quantity...right?

  2. Are you insinuating that the above post was not quality blogging? ;)

  3. NO Elusive S! I don't insinuate...You know me, I say it like it is...no holds bar.

  4. Ummm... I may or may not have washed the shirt that Jackson touched at my meet and greet. Hint: I haven't. It's hanging in my closet and I will wash it before I wear it next... it's just that HE TOUCHED IT! This is probably gross but I don't care haha.

    Also, love the little lyrics of The Monkey Song that you so sneakily (<-- is that a word?) placed in your post. ;)


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