Saturday, February 13, 2010

Since I have a bit of a headache...

...and because I can't feel a creative bone in my entire body, I encourage you to check our 1st posts ever here on Twired...They explain how we became obsessed w/ Twilight. They're also pretty darn tame, but interesting...promise. (Jen) (Sarah)

I do want to apologize if our posts are a bit far and few between this upcoming week. We have ALOT going on in RL...Not only do I work the weekend up until Thursday, I have my birthday (Tues 16th!!!) to look forward to, as well as my huge Dirty 30 Birthday bash to attend on Sat the 20th. Before then, I need to find a dress...even though I'm broke (why is RPattz not around to shower me with gifts when I need him?) I also need to find some time to get beautified and maybe lose about 5lbs...baahhhaa! Sista' Sarah is hosting the par-tay, as well as doing all the organizing and baking etc...all the while working full time and taking classes...Anyhoo, just a lil' explanation.

P.S. We totally puffy heart our new followers btw!!!



  1. Puffy hearts all around for Valentine's Day. Nice sister for organizing too - is she expecting anything in return? maybe first crack at jackson next time he's in town? JK.
    Have fun hunting for a new dress. At least be happy the weather there must be nice enough to wear one :)

  2. You have the same birthday as my Mom, 2-16!! It's a great day! I hope you have a great time this week in your RL, as Twitardia has been a ton of fun this weekend!

  3. @Dangrdafne: Thank you! Funny, my Mom's birthday happens to be 5 days after mine ;)

    @twilightcupcake: Loving all of your Olympic updates!! Stay warm!

    PS to all: I have a feelin' that Twitardia is gonna get really really crazy good in the next few months...w/ Eclipse promotions and such. So excited!


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