Friday, February 12, 2010

Robert Pattinson in Details mag.

I like to fantasize that those are MY legs ...but seeing as I'm vertically challenged, it's pretty much impossible. I don't think I could even get my squatty legs to reach past his heavenly neck. Though I guess that doesn't matter as long as the back of his head is buried in my crotch. Just sayin'

I know many sites will be posting this pic I'll keep it short (who am I kidding?) Here's a newer pic of RPattz in Details Mag. Click on the link below it to view more. They are a bit risque'...and I am totally lovin' them!

You can see the rest at Robert Pattinson Life.

Is it just me, or does it look like they darkened his eyebrows? Normally his brows are deep brown, however in some light they usually have a bit of blond around the edges (someone clearly stares at his pics ALOT.)... And do you see his fingers!? They are long and thin, which in RL kind of icks me out. I like my men to have manly know, short fingernails, a tad bit rough? Well my friend, RPattz fingers are EXACTLY like this guy I dated! Why the hell does that matter? Let me tell you!

This guy, we'll call him "M"...had very feminine hands...and his finger nails were always clean & manicured...not in a gay way, but def not in a normal dude sorta way. He was tall, like Rob, and had sort of spikey-ish blond hair (totally not my thing!) He also happened to "claim" to be a born- again Christian (again, not my thing) You're probably thinking wtf was I doing dating him if he pretty much, altogether, "wasn't my thing." Well, we all go through times in our lives where we are a bit insecure and date around...(whore!)... right? Well, that was my time...and it was years ago! Anyhoo, the reason I am even talking about M is the fact that he had hands/fingers almost identical to Robs...and he also happened to have a HUUUUGGGGGGGGGEEEEEE PENIS! (no it didn't sparkle) Not only was it large, it was shaped perfectly. In fact at first, I was a bit scuuurrred. I had never seen one that big before...BUT boy was I glad I gave it a chance ;) "It" did not disappoint....oh and he was an absolute animal behind closed doors. (Maybe those born-again Christian dudes really need to let loose?!)

Sooo....maybe that means our Dear RPattz has an amazingly huge, perfectly shaped penis!?! Instead of the crooked, uncircumcised, teeny-weeny peen Mrs. P & I joke about...

***Don't ask why the lettering gets smaller. Blogger made it super small and I can't get it normal! WTF? Had to make it large in order for it to even be readable. GRRR!


  1. I am in awe of the Details Cover.

    On another note, when your formatting is off, do you ever hit the T button to remove any format that might accidentally be there? That should cure any issues.

  2. @Honolulu Girl: Wow thank you! I will go try that right now and see what happens.

  3. @Honolulu Girl: The T button that changes size? I clicked it and it gives u the opportunity to change size..when I try to highlight the parts that are too small and make them "normal" size again, it just stays the same. Never had this prob. Oh well, at least it's readable right?

  4. Details cover... YUM.

    "In fact at first, I was a bit scuuurrred. I had never seen one that big before...BUT boy was I glad I gave it a chance ;)"
    Always willing to give new things a go! eh? Haha

  5. Jen, the post looks just fine. No font size changes at all. Of course, I can only see the picture, but it's all good. LOL!

    God I hope your theory is right. Not that I'll ever get to see it, but it's still nice to fantasize ;)

    LMFAO at your banner btw!

  6. Twired Jen. Your posts looks fine, but if you are OCD like me, I tweeted you. Not the Text photo, the other T with the little red x at the bottom.

  7. @ Honolulu Girl: I don't see a T w/ a little x at the bottom???

  8. @ Jen- I was having trouble with the text size in MY last post... hmmm...

  9. So annoying! It should be normal..but it went small, so when i highlighted it and clicked "normal" it stayed the same..Then I highlighted the small part & clicked Large and it went a tad bigger, but still not normal. Sooo annoying!

  10. Hi Jen,

    Your blog looks fine here. Thanks for echoing my thoughts. Love the photos and wishing for longer legs too. You're making me hot talking about the perfect hands and huge peen. Very interesting photoshoot huh?



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