Saturday, February 27, 2010's like coffee, but better!

Unless you're TWIRED

Mmm nothing like a little Robsten to pep me up on a rainy Forrrrkkkks-like Sat morning. Yesterday it was reported that they'd been spotted at Heathrow departing for the good ol' US. This morning, pictures show them arriving safely at JFK, with TomStu in tow. Since Kristen is with Rob in know what that means? She's tagging along with him as he does appearances for Remember Me!!! SQUEEE! (ok ok ok, I know, she's promoting The Runaways there too...) Rob's slated to be on the Today Show at 7am PST (10am for you on EST) on Mon 3/1! You better believe I will have my alarm set. Then the Remember Me premiere is that evening at the Paris Theatre in NYC. I seriously cannot wait to see all the pics that will be surely popping up all over the place this week. Sometimes it makes me head spin...I can't devour it all fast enough.

Here are the pics of them arriving at JFK. They look relatively happy, so I feel alright about posting these. Obviously I'm just trying to convince myself that it's just go with it.

Kristen, Tom & Rob @ JFK

Oh lovely to see you.

P.S. Here is RPattz agenda for the next couple of days:

Monday 3/1
Today Show 7am PST
Remember Me Premiere 7pm PST

Tues 3/2
Late Show w/ Jimmy Fallon 12:30am
The View (gawd help him!) 11am
Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart 11pm

***In case you missed Sista's previous post, please check it out immediately below. My dear Sista' Sarah is now going to be officially known as (drum roll please...) "ELUSIVE S." This was her occasional nickname, and we both found it fitting, considering she is quite elusive when it comes to our blog. Granted she works, takes classes and practically has a Zoo in her we'll let her elusiveness slide. ;) You can continue calling me Jen or J...whatev'. I also answer to "hey whore!" & "Mrs. Pattinson."

P.S. If you would like to view more Robsten pics, check out Robsessed.

***Our thoughts are w/ all of those affected by the Chilean earthquake


  1. First of did they do this unnoticed? Good for them...they can maybe start walking through airports again. Don't beat yourself up about posting pap pics...everyone secretly loves it when you do ;-)

  2. Awww thx Mrs. P, I figure if they look relatively happy (& who wouldn't, walking next to Rob?) then I'm ok with it.

  3. I think that poor woman in glasses is gonna be kicking herself tomorrow for being so "Roblivious."

    Could it be we have it all wrong? Maybe it is actually Tomsten. Rob probably introduced them, maybe even played matchmaker..It happens with friends, right? Maybe Rob IS still available?

    Now I'm gonna have that BonJovi song in my head, "Live when you're alive, and sleep when you're dead."

  4. Saw this video and thought of you and your newly resurrected Rob lust:

  5. Ooooh Dangrdafne! I can't watch it now because I am still at work...I'm going to watch it first thing when I get home...goody, can't wait! PLUS, NST bf is working late...woot woot! I can bury myself in Robby-goodness!

    Twifiltered brain: Interesting theory...LOL! Though I'm a huge ROBSTEN LOVER! Plus those holding hand pics were all the proof I needed ;)

  6. Is that Kristen's bag he's carrying? Or his yellow leather fashiony man bag? :D

  7. @twifilteredbrain-"roblivious"! Love it!

  8. @E.S. Umm...I think it's Kristen's. That's just my Robsten hunch. ;)

  9. @Dandrdafne...OMG. I have seen that before, but not in a while. It seriously gives me chills. That man is out of control. Thank you!

  10. You know I lurve the title of this post and all that it contains :)

    @Twifiltered Brain - Too funny!

    @Dangrdafne - Thanks for the video link. Love the song they used, too.

    @Elusive S - Pretty sure it's his man bag. I'd have to do some digging, but I think I've seen him carry it before.


    P.S.: Mrs. P, I'm impressed; first one to comment ;)


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