Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Something to hold ya over till Twired Sista' (aka Elusive S) posts her Freebie 5 tonight.

Twired Sista's (Jen & Sar) send a bloggy wave our new friends! (how cheesy did that just sound?)

Chris Weitz, Kristen, Taylor and Rob say HELLO too!

Confessions of a Cullen-ary Curser <~~~Very creative lady...and she's going to FOOORRRKKKS too! Woot woot!

Lick my Poptart <~~~Snarky little Brit who works overnight...and sleeps during the day...Vampire? Love her.

Twilight Cupcake <~~~Lovely Vancouverite who I'm hoping will give us deets on Breaking Dawn filming, should it return to her city. Also I'm hoping she'll catch Jacksonitis.

All of these ladies are hysterical and have fantastic blogs. I have added them to our list of favorite blogs in case you haven't checked them out yet.

I'm beginning to feel a tad overwhelmed with all the blogs I'm following. It's like having OCD. I absolutely must check about 8 or 9 blogs on a multiple basis throughout the day (or else bad things will happen to me.) Gaahhh...LOVE IT THOUGH!



  1. Thanks Jen. I feel the same way about the blogs when I'm notst work. I'll try and keep up some olympics info for Noe while we await news of Breaking Dawn. I've added you to my blogroll as well :-)

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping (as everyone else is) that Summit will announce some BD deets soon!

  3. I was out all day today and now I am spending the whole night just trying to catch up with everything.

  4. @Dangrdafne: I didn't work till 1pm today so I caught up a bit this morning over coffee, then went and worked out. Once I got to work it was kind of slow so I caught up some more ;)

  5. the blog roll is like Santa's naughty list...never ending. Love these ladies you have listed...you have excellent taste.

    P.S.---Pateromp is AWESOME! LMAO!!!


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