Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Frustration + some odds & ends.

I posted way more than I thought I would this week. However I think this is where it all comes to a screeching halt. I could NOT, for the life of me, find a "party dress" for my 30th bash. I searched the biggest mall in San Diego...Fashion Valley has Bloomingdales, Macys, Nordstroms, Saks, Niemens, well as everything from Hermes & Gucci, to H&M &The Gap. I also went to 2 other malls, as well as some outlets near the border. No such luck. Booooo! So I am drinkin' some vino, & drowning my sorrows...which inevitably leads to a post...Readers BEWARE....hopefully it will take my mind off of the fact that I might show up to my own party in my "birthday suit," literally. JK. I do have a worst case scenario option...but you ladies know how that is. You feel like everyone is going to remember the 1 or 2 times you have worn it before. Even if it was like 4 years ago. Thank god the skirt still fits!

That might be me...minus Kate Moss, the dude, the brown curly hair...oh... & and add about 20lbs.

Enough of my bitching...moving on to a more pleasant topic of conversation: Mr. MOS himself, Jackson Rathbone. Here is a recent vid of him talking with Reelz Channel about his upcoming movie "The Last Airbender" & of course the much anticipated "Eclipse." I know he looks a little scruffy, but he is sooooo SEXY in person. Believe me. Twired Sista' and I have seen him up close and personal 4 times...he does not disappoint! Listen to his voice by the way, it's like sex in a box. Ridiculous.

Even though Taylor is technically legal these days... I still grapple with the idea of finding him attractive in a sexual way...And, being team Edward/Rob, I also feel like a traitor posting pics of him...however it's important to keep the masses happy. Which masses am I referring to? Um..Hello, we've reached 40 blog followers!!! Twired Sista' says that's almost 50! (my math isn't so good) Anyhoo, for those Taylor fans out there, I give you this:

Umm, are those his mipples? Damn his arms look good! What? Stop it! *slaps face*

Moving on..I am soooo PISSED! Every time I try to watch KStew's new vid from Reelz Channel regarding the Eclipse proposal scene, my Mozilla crashes! Grrrrr! Feel free to try it, but don't hold me responsible if your Firefox freezes and/or crashes...not my fault.

For the time being, here's a pic from the vid I cannot access without crashing...M*ther F*cker! <~~~~~~doesn't that sound like something KStew would say if she were frustrated?!? She is too cute, as always.

Alrighty bloggy world, tomorrow is the Dirrrrty 30 Party, and Sunday is NST Mommy's birthday/recovery day. I doubt you'll hear from us until Monday. If it's a good party, you might not even hear from us until Tues. I hope you stay tuned...I'm sure we'll have lots of fun stories for you. Twired Sista' said 2 of my surprises arrived today...I asked her if she was hiding RPattz in the bathroom and JRath in the garage. (Crosses fingers & toes!) I'm truly hoping to show up tomorrow and see this:

"Sarah told me to wait here in the garage...I was catching a bit of a chill."
"Don't worry Rob, I'll warm you right up!"

"Hey there Jen, just sittin' here waitin' for your arrival ...hoping to sing ya Happy Birthday."
"Sing to me out here Jackson, Sarah doesn't need to know...."



  1. Hey your in San Diego, my family is San Clemente. Cali baby!

    You know, I don’t recall seeing a trailer for Airbender but it sounds familiar. I dunno, I’m off to see Shutter Island this weekend, and then ALICE IN WONDERLAND (or whatever the fuck he calls it). I’m dying for that movie in IMAX 3D.


  2. Sorry about the shopping expedition bust. The birthday suit will make some people happy for sure. See you Tues!

  3. Thanks for the Reelz Channel video with Jackson. I hadn't seen it yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing The Last Airbender. And, yes, he does have a sexy, sexy voice.

    I couldn't embed the MTV video in my blog post from yesterday, either, and had to settle for linking to it.

    Have fun tonight, and I'm sure you'll look great no matter what you wear. Happy early birthday to NST Mommy, too!


  4. Here's hoping that Rob and Jasper are your 2 surprises for your party!! Happy 30th birthday bash day!


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