Tuesday, February 23, 2010

KStew Burberry Hotness & some ROBSTEN!

Kristen was spotted today in London attending the Burberry Prorsum fashion show for London Fashion Week. First she's spotted outside of the Chealsea College of Art & Design, then inside clearly enjoying the show. I never pegged KStew as the fashion show type...but then again what's the "type?"

Hot Damn Kristen!!! Check out those creamy legs & that devlish stare!

Here she is seemingly enjoying herself between Kate Hudson and Claire Danes.
What's up with Ms. Olsen & those glasses. Puh-lease.

I wonder where Rob was today...OH YAH, he's a workin' man! Oh, and btw, I had previously mentioned that I was surprised that there weren't any pics of Robsten around BAFTA awards time...HOLD YOUR BREATH "ROBSTEN FANS"...Here they are leaving (or arriving?) the Greygoose BAFTA after party. Ugh...I want to post it so bad. Isn't giving you the link just as horrible? Whatever, it makes me feel better to do it this way. SQUEEEEE they are so cute. Love em'.

Some people, who will remain nameless...(I assure you it's not any of my bloggy friends)...say "Of course they're hanging out, they have worked on 3 movies together thus far. That doesn't mean they're dating." All I hear is..."Blah, blah, blah, blah."

Oh & by the way....


What do you think of Kristen's BAFTA dress...of Rob's Bel Ami hair?

I am feeling super colorful today...can you tell? I can't get the damn color to change back dagnabit! Anyhoo...remember how the British tabloid "The Sun" had reported that RPattz had admitted to dating KStew while on the red carpet at the BAFTAS...well my friends...Gossip Cop did a little investigation, and here is what they said. Of course he didn't admit it, but he also didn't deny it. Smug little Brit, how I love you so.

(btw, thank you to my bloggy friends who "don't give a crapsten"...you let me have my Robsten obsession, and you don't judge...*Muah!*)


*You can view more of the pics I posted here.


  1. Hey Jen - I'm first yeah! I have a minute before school pick up. Thanks for posting the gossipcop link. I like hearing him say "we are together" whatever he means by that.
    I like his Edward hair more but this hair makes him look a bit younger. It's just too greasy like the stereotypical french male look. K's dress is cute but any time you get the under armpit fat buildup (I hate that) it's hard to deal with. Hence the constant need to have good posture (which I don't). I can't criticize Kristen for her posture b/c mine sucks.
    Love the Burberry show outfit though. She has beautiful legs and good taste in high heels (when she actually wears them).

  2. @twilightcupcake- Too funny..."She has beautiful legs and good taste in high heels (when she actually wears them.)" She is either in tennis shoes or high heels...no in between with her. She can def rock the heels. The dress is pretty, but it made her stomach look kind of poochy, which is strange cause she's so thin.

    As for Rob's hair. I "like" it. I don't "love" it. I prefer his hair from the 09' Oscars...in fact, I prefer him with short to medium hair, not long. Parts of Twilight his hair just looked like a beehive. Def not digging it that way.

    AND PS, how did I not know you were a ROBSTEN fan...???

  3. Um...the hair the hair the hair. I just don't know. I think I would have been okay with it if it just didn't look quite so greasy. "looking like he shot a hair gel commercial" Ummm...no. (can you tell I just reread twilight this week??) Looking like he just ran his head through a tub of lard...a little bit more like it. Hmmmm...that gets me thinking. Okay, if the rest of him was that greasy too it would be okay, as long as he was ready for some sexy times. LOL! It always comes back to that, doesn't it??

  4. @fanficzombie: What? You're thinking of Rob and Sex...you dirty whore you!

  5. Okay, um, has no one noticed KStew's nipplage?!? I'm pretty sure the top on that first outfit is see-thru and I can see one of her nipples!

    And 'no' to the Bel Ami hair. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Rob is as hot as they come, but I want SEX HAIR back! (All my Twibuddies agree!)

  6. I was just opening http://iloveboyswhosparkle.com/ and it was stuck on her opening picture of Kristen and I almost fell over - the eye makeup on Kristen is incredible. Your favorite look on her was my second thought after, wow she looks amazing :)

  7. @Dangrdafne:Wwoah! Were you referring to the grey dress nipplage..holy shit, i see it too!

    Oh and that eye make up is UNBELIEVABLE. Plus it doesn't hurt that she has gorgeous greeny blue eyes!

  8. Nipplage comment was from Erica, not me. I only wanted to comment that her eye makeup was awesome and she looked amazing - as we had discussed the smokey eyes in a past post here :)

  9. Sunday musta been opposite day because Rob did not look SEXY! I think he's been hanging with KStew too much. She might have hairy armpits.

  10. @mmMoxie: LOL....I thought he looked "good" not "sexy." Something about his shit eating grin as he read the nominees.

  11. Ok...I am pretty sure she is doing the fashion show rounds because she is being courted for the cover of Vogue. If there is one thing I LOVE about her face are her eyes...and it pisses me off when they make her wear those damn contacts in Twilight.
    Anyhoo..the color thing. It sucks because if you get it back to black, then when it posts it shows up blank because our background is black. You have to change it to white, but you can't see your words in the draft. Sucks.

    Oh yeah..her nips. She's totally wearing those band-aide thingies to hide her nips from showing through, instead of a bra. Hope they didn't hurt when they were taken off... ;-)

  12. Okay, Claire Danes, now she's so disproportionate. Love Kate Hudson's top, and yeah, what's up with Olsen's glasses.

    ANyhoo, I love KStew's style, but she needs to learn how to stand in heels. She's always leaning forward, which makes her look like she has a hump on her back. She'll learn in time. After all, she's only 19. When's her bday anyway?

  13. Love the photos.
    I watched Twilight with my sick grandmother the other week - bless her awww - and she watched it so intently. Didnt speak the whole way through except twice to say "That girl Bella has the most symmetric face Ive ever seen." She must have been taken away by her because next thing you know she had me renting Adventureland for her.
    I love my granny. :D

    BTW Just saw that "we love Alice" sidepost...I love you! Alice is my favourite character and shes rarely mentioned!!

  14. @Mrs. P: Thx for the top on the text color! Yes, KStew's eyes are amazing. I'm surprised that by New Moon they hadn't figured out that you could see the side of her contact in a few shots. Like when Carlisle is stitching her up after the Jasper incident. Don't they have "people" to edit this stuff out?

    @Jelena: April 9th is KStew's b-day..so she'll be 20 soon. Can't believe she's that young. Also, I agree with your Claire Danes comment. She looks like she has a really long torso!

    @Poptarrt: Too cute about your Gma. My Gma (the English one,) who is 80, started reading Twilight, but had trouble getting into it. I can totally understand. BUT she wants to watch the movie...so that's up next~


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