Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little short on time...

....but found time for this. While checking up on one of my favorite bloggy ladies Lisa, over at 17foreverlisa, I stumbled across this picture she posted today. I was truly stunned into silence...which is a rarity. Wowza

source: Candykizzes24, by way of 17foreverlisa

This is a beautiful manip! Mr. Pattinson is looking extra delish, and KStew is smokin' HOT!
Yes, I give a total and complete CRAPSTEN!!! Take that Mrs. P! (Muah...love ya!)

UPDATE: Links work now...thanks to Mrs. P!


  1. I think that photo is GORGEOUS...hands down. By the way...if you are going to give me a "take that"..make sure your link to me works...and the one to Lisa too...both links are no good. Love you too!

  2. @ Mrs. P...that's strange...I just checked the websites and they are correct. Strange. I'll try and re-do them & see what happens.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I just double checked and the links are still not working. Maybe blogger has something wrong. It says they don't exist. I put www.twibite.blogspot.com &
    Try them again from your end please.

  4. Ok---still not working. You have the address wrong. http://twibite.blogspot.com is my address...
    When i do links, I right click the blog from my blogroll, then click "copy shortcut". I paste that in the address field of the link.

  5. Oh, so you can't just do www, you have to do httt:// etc? Now someone tells me! lol Thank you. I know the addresses are http, however I always figured you could use www and it would still link back to them.
    Thanks again! Try then again for me in like 5 min.

  6. Ok..so far so good...but the link to Lisa under the photo still doesn't work.

  7. Wow! This is what we have to look forward to in Breaking Dawn.

  8. Just a quick Happy Birthday to you Jen, as I'm in a hurry. Will be back tomorrow to read about how it feels to officially be a woman. :D JK

  9. Thank you Jelena! I don't feel any different. ;)
    We'll see how I feel tomorrow after a bottle of wine or so tonight...lol

  10. I love that Candykizzes called that manip "Meet Mr. and Mrs. Cullen." Glad you liked it.

    Thanks for helping out with the links, Mrs. P ;)

    Cheers to a Happy 30th Birthday!


  11. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!


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