Friday, February 26, 2010

Twired? Sure, but I'm so eluuuusive.

So... just so ya know... TwiredSar is obsolete... I am officially Elusive S now... so don't get all confused-like when you see a new name here on Twired.

... Do keep in mind that when Jackson and I get married I will probably have to stop blogging, for privacy reasons of course. Surely I will stop by as a guest blogger from time to time... probably by the name of ElusiveSRathbone ;). Now that we have the names cleared up, I leave you with this:

I figured I didn't HAVEta crop Jen...
since she'll be the MOH (Not to be confused w/MOS...bahaha!)
of course... :D



  1. @Elusive S: Umm what is MOH? OHHH MAID OF HONOR! I get it! Sweet. But I seriously don't know that u can trust me 100% around him. IF he put the moves on me, I don't think I'd have the strength to resist.

    PS That pic of me...I LOOK HUGE! I know, it's the angle. People know I'm not a FFFAAAATTTT-AAASSSSS!

  2. Hello elusive S...nice to meet you ;-) If I'm not invited to that f*ing wedding I'm crashing your honeymoon...big time. LOLOL!

  3. Looks like I'm not the only one in mood for a name change. =)

  4. LOL Jelena: I was always saying Twired Sista' aka Twired Sarah aka Elusive S...she likes Elusive S, because that's what she is when it comes to this blog, because of school & it's PERFECT.

  5. I like the new name. Hopefully all of Twitardia would be invited to your Jackson wedding :)

  6. Nice name Elusive S
    mysterious = sexy

  7. I leave for a few days, and you have a new name. LOL!! And I'm with Mrs. P. I'd better be invited to the wedding!!!!!

  8. I promise, Lisa and Mrs P and dangerdafne, you can have front row seats, next to Rob. Surely he would have to attend... right? :)
    @Twilightcupcake-thannnnkssssss :D

  9. @Elusive S - Definitely! You also have to put him at our table at the reception. I want to be sitting right next Rob when he gets his drunk on ;)


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