Sunday, February 21, 2010

Incase you haven't seen...

Both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart attended the BAFTA (ha ha ha I typed BARFTA at first) awards in England on Sunday evening. Where are the pics of them arriving at the airport together? Where are the pics of them sneaking off to kiss behind stage? Yah right... Oh how I'm hoping some pics will pop up soon. It must be the Robsten LOVER in me :) In the meantime, here is Sir Sparkly himself presenting, as well as Kristen Stewart accepting her Orange Rising Star award. YAY Kristen! Congrats!!!

I LOVE Kristen Stewart. She is just so adorable. I got the vibe that she was truly surprised & humbled that she won, which is neat. As for Rob, OH MY GAWD. I don't normally LOVE Rob with longer hair, but I am totally swooning over his Bel Ami-do. Plus, that man can rock a tux like nobody's business. Hot Damn.

*Keepin' this one short...I'm a "bit" hungover.



  1. WOW! One stop shop! I looooved the way he said "innovative". Sexy accent...gawd!!

  2. I love the way you gave me exactly what I needed without beating around the bush.
    Recommended your blog in my new post.
    Love you

    PS: Incase I didnt say - Happy (belated) Birthday!

  3. 1-Rob said "sparkly"... HEH!
    2-Rob should have presented to Kristen.

  4. @Mrs.P: That accent will be the death of me.

    @Poptarrt: Love ya too! And thanks!


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