Monday, February 15, 2010

Will it ever really be OVER?

Last night I was sitting on the couch with NST bf watching the Olympics...actually he was the one watching, I was mostly twittering. I have this irrational fear of watching Ice Skating. I'm so afraid that one of the skaters is going to fall and crack their head, spewing blood like splattered paint across the snow white ice. Ick. Anyhoo, he couldn't help but notice when I started squirming, squeeling & feverishly texting Sista' Sarah in reaction to the behind the scenes Eclipse stills....He half smiled and asked me what I was going to do when this whole thing was over.

OVER?!? %$*#$*%@%!!

Um, so...that is how I should have reacted to his question, but in reality I did something gawd-awful...I simply looked at him and said "I'll have to move on." MOVE ON? Why the heck did I say that? I realized the error of my ways and immediately choked out "But just so you know, it's not going to be OVER for a VERY LONG TIME!" I felt as if I had something sacred to protect. Then it got me thinking, will this whole thing ever really be "over?" Is "over" when the 2nd BD movie (assuming the book is made into 2 movies) comes out on DVD? Is "over" when Sista' and I have watched all 5 movies during a 10 and a 1/2 hour Twilight Saga marathon every week for a year? Is "over" when Stephenie Meyer decides (crosses fingers and toes) to finish Midnight Sun, and actually publishes it...and I read it 10 it "over" then?

I do think one day, long from now...maybe 2012, 2013-ish...things may not be the same as they are today. The Twilight Saga movies will have all been completed, and the hype surrounding what's known as the Twilight Phenomenon will die down. However I'm not sure that it will ever really be "over," at least not in my heart. I'll cherish the books, and all my little Twilight goodies. I'm going to continue to follow the Twilight actors through other projects. I have really come to love Kristen Stewart and think she along with Robert Pattinson & the other Twilight actors are going to move on & do amazing things. Lastly, I doubt they'll ever be a time that Robert Pattinson doesn't make my heart skip a beat. (or make my panties wet)

Simply amazing.

How does everyone else feel about all of this? Do you think you'll ever be "over" it?



  1. oh brother - it's a tough question! hard to imagine "this" not being part of my life - i think there will always be parts of twilight in my life somehow, or at the very least, it really has changed me... before twilight, my life was like a dark and moonless night... [lol!]

    : )

    p.s. it really does - at this moment - kind of make my blood run cold when i consider this ever being "over-over."

  2. No, never over it. Only grow from it. After all, my favorite author has been Anne Rice for over 18 years, so certainly I have yet to be disenchanted with my supernatural world.
    The Twilight Saga stands proudly in my living room bookshelf, and will so, till my daughters are old and one day hand their children the series. I don’t know if it will ever be considered a ‘classic’ but SM’s work, will be noted in literary history.

  3. @STY: I agree wholeheartedly that it has permanently "changed" me. And, I love your Twi reference. The hardback set on top of my bookshelf will never move btw.(PS maybe one day we can snag a spot on your top bloggy fave's list?...since Spooning in Forks is going on bloggy haitus. See her latest post?)It's really sad. I saw her tweet the other night and I thought she was joking.

    @Honolulu Girl: I have NEVER read Anne Rice. Might have to pick up one of her books. Where shall I sart?

  4. Geez, Jen, you about made me cry. I love this community we have niched out for ourselves and just can't think about the prospect of it being over yet. I do know that my love for Rob, Kristen, Robsten, Jackson, PFach, etc., etc., gives me hope that I will be tied to Twilight for years and years to come. It will always have a special place in my heart.

  5. @Lisa: LOL...not laughing at you, but just laughing at it a lighthearted way. OMG...I think I'm kinda emotional too...not so much about Twilight, but about my birthday tomorrow. I KNOW 30 is NOT OLD. It's just crazy to think I'll never been in my 20's again. Even my parents are having a bit of anxiety... Crazy.

  6. Well, from this side of it, 30 is definitely not old, but I know what you mean. My parents are exactly 20 years old than me, so whenever I hit a milestone birthday, so did they. When I was 30, they were 50. When I was 40, they were 60. So there's never been any time for self-pity with my family. LOL!

    Do you have anything fun planned?

  7. @Lisa: My parents were young parents too. My Mom had me at 23...
    Tomorrow I work during the day then my family, bf and I are going to this little cute Italian restaurant in an area called Point Loma. Google Point Loma,'s a neat neighborhood/old fishing community near my work.
    Then Sat night the 20th I'm having a big 30th bash with family and friends. Can't wait!

  8. Jen, you asked the dreaded question. I have not been going there with my mind and happily riding this out for as long as I can. I'm sure my hubby and everyone else's SOs are just waiting for this to be over.
    You've brought up the big elephant in the room and I am in full denial. But sadly so there will probably be a time when all the movies are out, Rob and Kristen move on to other projects that I'm sure everyone will blog about and my blog will focus more on food and travel.
    But for now, new moon hasn't come out on DVD yet so at least 2 more years :)
    Your bday sounds wonderful - enjoy it!

  9. I have thought about this and I figure I will ride the wave as long as possible and as long as we all stick together. While we are all together because of Twilight, we obviously all follow the actors in other aspects and we should have a lot of that to follow for some time yet.

    I just reread this and it isn't very eloquent, I apologize but I think I have a snow headache!

    Simply stated: As long as you are all here, so to will I be here.

  10. @Cupcakegirl76...well said ;) Thank you!
    @Dangrdafne...well said as well! lol Snow headache? wtf is that?

  11. snow headache - a headache that appears due to the barometric change with a snow storm's arrival and/or the headache from the snow not going away and MORE COMING!!!!

  12. @Dangrdafne..LOL omg! Too funny. Contrary to popular belief, San Diego (where I live/was raised) is not always 72 and sunny. We have had some days in the mid 50's and lots of rain lately (which we have needed desperately!) Anyhoo today, randomly, it was 75 and sunny. It was beautiful. I am as pale as a Vampire right just walking from the gym back to my car I was afraid to get sunburned!

  13. Every once in a while this same question passes through my mind, but I have no answer, except, no, NOPE, it'll never be over. EVER! We must make sure of it.

    Btw, happy birthday. :)
    Lemme know how 30 feels - I'm due in about month and a half. :D


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