Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eclipse Whores Unite!

I just finished reading a post by Jenny Jerkface entitled The Case of the Absent-Minded Spoiler Whore & it got me thinking...Did all of my New Moon spoiler whoring around ruin my New Moon experience? Um......NO. However, the devils advocate in me wonders had I not witnessed any spoilers, could New Moon have been better? I can't say for sure, because I did tramp around, soaking up as much New Moon spoiler goodness as humanly possible.

I google image whore, and this is what I get :)

As far as whether or not the spoilers have any impact on ones enjoyment of an anticipated movie, such as Eclipse...I'll never know. And, I'm not willing to find out! I guess ignorance is bliss? Plus I kinda like being whorrish...when it come to the Twilight Saga..(wink wink)

Oh, and for those of you that spoiler-whored yourselves silly for New Moon, and would like to remain all f*cking Virgin-like for Eclipse...I give you this:

Give it a try u wannabe born again Virgins!

Not sure if it works, so don't come crying to me if you can't mend your Twimen.



  1. I am completely with you Jen. I am the most impatient and can't wait for every trailer and sneak peek we can get!

  2. @twilightcupcake: Patience has NEVER been one of my strong points. Ever.

  3. Liquid Virgin! That’s hilarious. Not for me baby, I’m a whore true and true!

  4. I am truly an idiot! I just got the extension chord cartoon. Ha!

  5. I was gonna be spoiler free for Eclipse. I was really disappointed with new moon >_< Sorry! I just have a particular taste in movies..

    But when the stills came out - i did not care! I HAD to see them...

    ROFL @ Ligquid virgin...if only!

  6. twimen.........baaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha

  7. @Sarah:
    I can't take credit for Twimen, I have seen it on Latchkeys site, as well as a couple other blogs.

  8. Yay for Spoilerwhores... seems like everyone is going twi-pure these days!
    I made an icon for ladies like us to post on Our Twilight Bubble:
    Feel free to use it yourselves :)

  9. After the Rob & Eclipse drought who could really blame us?

    When it rains, it whores...and I've been soaking in as much Rob as possible and will keep on doing so!

  10. @Twifiltered brain: When it rains it whores!!!! LMFAO!!!!

  11. There are a whole lotta whores in this fandom, that's all I'm sayin'.

    I'm also ashamed to admit that, despite my best efforts, I have not seen any good spoilers. I guess I'll have to actually start looking this time...

    Twiwhores unite!


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