Friday, February 5, 2010

Drought? What drought? :D

I had just sat down with a glass of wine after a long Friday at work annnnnd this tweet (& e-mail from sista) was waiting for me:

"From the trees to the stage, your favorite monkey men, can be watched live from Saint Rocke tonight @ -Uncle Larry"

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^ Pssst.... we've touched (and, admittedly, talked to) all but one of them ^

Yippie Skippie!! You see, Jen and I thought it would be a liiiittle much to go up to Hermosa Beach tonight after LA last weekend. OK, maybe not so much but we do have to work sometimes and some of us are busy planning a 30th birthday (and studying and working and nursing an, admittedly, intense case of jacksonitis). But this? This will be nearly as good as being there... Watching the fabulously animated, exuberant and unbelievably exhilarating men that are J Action, J Rad and Ben G, oogling at Jackson (+ Jerad + Ben G) (though... Jackson won't be staring back this time), dancing around (... probably in my pajamas), swooning over MOS (... alone), talking to Jackson and Jerad after the show (... in my head) and last but certainly, absolutely, not least: touching Jackson (.... though that will be in my dreams).

... sigh...

In all seriousness-JACKSSSS-SSONNNN!+ JERAD & Ben G (+Uncle Larry & Ben J) LIVE?! Yes, thanks! If you haven't had the opportunity to see them live, here iit is! The almost-as-good way to do it :) 100 Monkeys has two opening acts, so they prob aren't on until 10-11p PST... but don't take my word for it!



  1. excuse to stay up. Well done Sar-aaaah!

  2. YAY :)

    OK... I am making the chai-vanilla cupcakes (trial) for your party and I totally just threw salt over my shoulder and immediately thought, "OH CRAP! No, Robward, Jacksper! I don't really want you to keep away!" bahahahaaa.

  3. I though it was for good luck (salt?) ...Garlic keeps the Vamps away.
    Chai Vanilla sounds f*ckin' fantastic to me.

  4. aaaaaaaaah MOS tenfold.

    There were only a few rows of people-would have been such a good show to be in attendance! bah.

  5. Ummmms the fact that that 100 Monkeys post has my birthdate on it is awesome!!!


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