Thursday, February 25, 2010

Resurrected errr...resERECTED?

I'd like to insert (he he he she said insert!) a friendly warning on the this post. No, it's not like one of those warnings from Twitarded: "May go blind after reading this dirrrrty ass shit." It's more like Mrs. P's recent title "Mrs. P Is On A Caffeine Drip And Answering Questions." Except I'm on 2 + glasses of wine. WOAH...notify Chief Swan! I know, 2 isn't so bad...shit, it's not even questionable. However, I didn't eat a lot today, and I burned about 350 calories on the elliptical machine at the gym...while watching some racket ball players sweat it out...needless to say, this should be fun!

I have this pic on my fridge...for reals.

Anyhoo, I was sitting here on the couch watching a marathon of Real Housewives of OC (dirrrrty biotches!) & tweeting , when all of a sudden my ears tuned in to the most enticing sound........Robert Pattinson's voice. OH-MY-GAWD! My neck flew up so fast I may have to wear a brace for the next couple of weeks. Holy Hell, Robert Pattinson was on Bravo...ok well it was a TV spot for Remember Me. Emilie De Raven's twangy voice broke through my reverie. He was being interviewed for all of about 15 sec prior to promoting Remember Me. It wasn't the trailer, it was BETTER.

"WHAT are you trying to say...sooo confuuusseed!!!"

What I'm trying to say is that I have been neglecting Robert lately... WHAT? I have been neglecting Robert lately. I it goes. I guess I just haven't been as obsessed as I normally am lately? Maybe it started with the drought? Maybe it was because I didn't "LOVE" the Details Mag pics? Maybe it's because he's soooo far away in London? I can't quite narrow it down to anything in particular. I'm sure some of you are thinking "Well shit, it's got to be the BAFTA hair!?!" Nope, it wasn't that. In fact, I quite enjoyed that look. Oh and btw, their was this one pic where I thought..."I bet Kristen in next to him!" It was a pic of just him, but he was looking to his left...well lookey is the FULL pic. GO ROBSTEN!

I kind of like his hair actually...AND THIS IS TOTALLY CUT & PASTE! Someone is trying to fool me!

You're probably thinking "Where the F is she going with this post?" Well, I was searching for Rob's BAFTA hair, and I saw that pic. You know me & Robsten...I lose my train of thought. It's like dangling a mouse in front of snake...

Moving on
...I kind of found Rob's BAFTA hair..."cute" ....and it ignited my panties just a bit. I hadn't felt that in several weeks...Then I watched Twilight last night...just up until the bad Vamps. That cafeteria entrance scene does it to me every time.

Go to 1.09 to skip thru all the b*llshit :)

Then the BRAVO TV spot came on tonight and I was putty on the couch. I guess my Robsession just needed a little "res-ERECTING"...not literally, CLITORALLY. :) Man, it didn't take much. Now I'm back on the Pattinson Train. Woot Woot! Chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga!

Speaking of Mr. RPattz...I was having a convo with the owner of the Twifans website. We were chatting about the upcoming Eclipse movie premiere in LA. Not sure when it is yet..though I'm sure if I did a little detective work like I did for New Moon...I could figure it out. Anyhoo, when Twired Sista', aka Elusive S and I went...she swore she'd never do it again. She enjoyed it, but the waiting all day and blah blah blah really wasn't her thing. Plus she'd had her fill of JRath from the night before. Curious? Read it here...

Anyways, I said to the gal at Twifans that I wasn't sure about going to Eclipse. Then I thought to myself, who am I kidding? OF COURSE I'm going to try and go. The high I received from being 10 ft away from The Precious was euphoric & panty bursting! No...I'm not going to camp out, nor am I going to be in line by 8am. I have a much better idea. Annnddd you think I'm going to tell you here? No way Jose'! That's like giving away trade secrets...I just know that I saw peeps have a much easier and lucrative time of it. Sure, I could camp out for days and get wristbands, but I'm just not that adventurous. Plus, I really really really pride myself on hygiene..

WOAH! Um, I google-image "hygiene" and this is what I get. How ironic.

Hmm...well let's just pray RPattz is the one on the right....Anyways, I have a few more things to mention before I let you go.

1. Remember Me is out in theaters on March 12th!!! Even better than that, the Eclipse trailer will be premiering prior to the movie!!! Can't you just hear the squeeeeeees!?!

2. The New Moon DVD will be out on March 20th!!! Have you pre-ordered your copy? I haven't!!! I get a sick thrill from thinking I'm just going to turn up at Target and they'll have one with my name on it....they will...wont they?

3. Eclipse comes out in theaters on June 30th!!!!

Now that I'm back on the Pattinson train, I leave you with this. My all time FAVORITE Robert Pattinson vid. I could watch it over and over and over.

Gawd that man is so SEXY it hurts.



  1. Yeah Jen! I'm glad you heard the voice and came back to the good side of the tracks. Of course you have to go to the Premiere and tell us everything. I would love to be there too being west coast and all but Italy takes precedent. We'll live vicariously.

  2. LMAO Jen. You should've said this post was not office friendly. I don't care whether he's the one on the left, or the one on the right - both look beautiful to me.

  3. Wow never seen that video! Very Robalicious! Thanks for sharing xoxo

  4. When I look at the penis pictures all I can think of is 'docking' and I want to vomit.
    Great video...that made my morning.

  5. @Jelena: Soowwwwy!!! Need to get used to putting NSFW. I never knew what that meant until recently. Now I need to start using it ;) Thanks for the reminder.


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