Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ahead of the game?

NotSoTwired bf and I play it pretty low key on Valentines day every year. We are both in the hotel business, so inevitably one of us always has to work. Sure, when we first started dating I'd request the night off so we could eat dinner together and exchange cards and/or goodies...but now it isn't really a priority of mine. Also, my birthday is two days after V-Day, and I prefer having him focus his energy on that instead. ;)

Fast fwd to this morning... I stepped outside to check the mail and my eyes immediately zoned in on not 1, but 2 V-Day cards from Robward, addressed to none other than me! Could it be? Woah...Robward is on it...way ahead of the game! NST bf might have himself some healthy competition. Wonder if I leave them casually sprawled across the kitchen table, NST bf might feel the need to step it up a bit...? Or, I could just hide them, and arrange my secret date with Robward. The latter sounds like a better idea.



*V-Day cards snagged from


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