Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Shout Outs!

I thought I'd start this post by baiting you with a picture...blasphemous you say? Nah...just smart ;)

Whatcha thinkin' about Rob?

Rob was actually just thinking about how it's due time for some shout outs. Especially since we just surpassed 50 followers!!! (Do I hear a F*CK yeah!?) That may seem minuscule in the Twilight blogosphere, however, we think it's pretty kick ass...AND, we couldn't have done it without all of YOU. It still blows my mind that people actually choose to type in our address and take a peek. I love posting, and knowing you actually want to read it, is added motivation. I'm sure in the next few months, things are only going to get more exciting around stay tuned! Meanwhile let's celebrate you, OUR FOLLOWERS!

This will be Elusive S & me when we hit 100 followers!!! jk

Often I find that I have blog-checking OCD. It's like I MUST check all the blogs I follow on a daily basis, multiple times a day. It's in my nature to be a bit obsessive...& besides, I'm afraid I'll miss something. Everyone of the blogs out there offers something unique, and everyone has their own "voice." Not to get all sappy dappy, but I feel we are an encouraging community of writers. Everyone seems to want to see everyone else thrive...that, or they're just greedy for more RPattz pics & vids (hey, no shame!)

Honestly I doubt Twired would exist if it wasn't for Twitarded. They were one of the first blogs I discovered. What I immediately loved about them was that they just put it all out there like dirty laundry. There is no fluff or fuss with them. They give it to you straight up. They're not trying to be "funny" or "gross" or to "shock" anyone, it's just who they are, and it's f*cking hysterical. After being inspired to start my own blog, and inviting Elusive S to join me, I realized just how much help other blogs could be...not only with getting the "word out on the street"...but in answering silly questions and encouraging us. The following ladies were a HUGE help with that:

Twibite & her bestie
17foreverlisa <~~~ Lisa if you see this...I miss you long time!

THANK YOU ladies...I owe you Robert Pattinson, if I can ever get my little hands on him. Wait, who am I kidding? I'd keep him to myself. Moving on...I have recently discovered some new blogs that I'd like to mention. Granted, they may not be new to you, but I'd like to give them shout outs anyway. The first 3, I have been following for about a month or so (???)...time flies in twitarded land.

Lick my Poptart: Poptarrt, my favorite little Brit. She always has something poignant to say...and she's funny too!

Twilight, Travel & Treats: Jen is a sweetheart & has an amazingly creative & diverse blog. Plus, she's in Vancouver...Breaking Dawn...what? LOL. Check her out!

The Cougar's Den: Mama Cougar is a firecracker! Plus she has some great vids on'll be jealous of her "den."

The following ladies, I have just recently started following (ok that was redundant.) They're all unique & lend themselves to my bloggy-checking OCD.

Confessions of a Twiholic: Jelena, you rock! She has always taken the time out to comment on our posts, and it was only recently that I realized she had a beautiful blog. (blonde moment!)


Confessions of a Cullenary Curser

(dying for a new post!!!)


Tigerlily's Tirade

Twilight Mommy

Our Twilight Bubble


Dangrdafne Days of Delirium <~~~ She just started her blog, though she's been lurking around for quite a while. SO EXCITED. Check her out!

As I wrap this up, I leave you with a few new-ish pics from Remember Me...

...and because he's just soooo aDORKable, here's a new one from one of the RM press junkets.

Wonder if he just got done romping in the sack with KStew???
(crosses fingers & toes)

pics from Robsessed



  1. Oh my - that's me at the end of that post - yikes!!

    I love each and every one of the blogs you have here and I agree that each has their own voice and unique offerings to our blogosphere.

    I love SoTwired and I thank you for this shout out post.

  2. can i just say, even though i don't have a blog i love you all...hard.
    @jen, you and the others mentioned give a spark to my life, and i'm thankful.

  3. N'aww.
    I feel all warm in my gut now.
    I will try to comment on your blog more often - Im a compulsive lurker by nature, but I promise you I am kept up to date on this blog so far.

    You guys started to turn me into a Robsten fan..thats definitely an achievement.

  4. To all: Thank you! And, here's to you!

  5. Great shout out Jen!
    I adore all of these ladies and can't get through my day with out them!
    Of course you are now a main part of routine now too!

  6. You are so right Jen. I have the same issue as you - I want to check all the blogs, and then come back later to see the reply comments, and poof, there goes the day, and I haven't even done half the stuff I planned to do.

    Thank you for the shout out, and of course, Congrats on surpassing that number 50. We all know how hard it is to get there.

    Twitarded may have been my salvation in realization that I am not alone in this awkward obsession, but it's the Twired Sistahs that gave me Jacksonitis, and for that, I will be eternally grateful. The feeling I get from looking at photos of him is simply delicious.

    Too doo loo now, off to check out what everyone else has been writing about.

  7. *BIG smile* Thanks, Jen! I've missed you too. As you know, my son's preseason games started, and we trekked to Kentucky for four days. We were stuck in a dry county, the hotel lobby's computer would not let me access the blogs due to a parental guidelines block, and the battery went out on my iPod Touch lifeline. Total withdrawal! The good news is that my son pitched the first game of the season and got the win. So it was worth it!

    You found some awesome pics of Rob I haven't seen before, especially that first one AND they are in black and white. You know how I lurve those. Totally swiping!


  8. @Jelena: Thank you! And I am so glad you caught Jacksonitis. We all must suffer thru together ;)

    @Lisa: Sooo happy to have you back! Parental guideline blocks? WTF?

    How cool about your son?! That's so neat that your he pitched, and WON! I can't believe we're already nearing prof baseball season...time flies in this Twilight world of ours.

    Feel free to snag the pics,I thought of you as I switched them to black & white.

    XOXO J

  9. aw thanks for the mention. You're on my must check daily blog list too :)

  10. Thanks for the shout out lover!

  11. Thank you for the shoutout!!!

    I heart your face big time. Like...BIG time. Humping of face in the very near future.


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