Saturday, February 27, 2010

My jaw is on the floor.

So normally we try & post once a day...sometimes more, rarely less. Of course when Robsten pics surface, I'm like a crack whore who needs her fix. However, I promise Robsten in this post. Just pure Robward. Oh, and the SEX STRUT at it's best. Holy Mother of all things Twilight!!!

Oh My Gawd

Biel is phenomenal at this video stuff! I'm blown away by this one especially. I'm sure a lot of you have seen this already today..but in case you haven't, or would like to watch it again and again and again...stop on by...anytime.

PS Bloggy shout-out post coming VERY soon.



  1. uh wow i actually saw that vid when i was on youtube earlier but i didn't see that it was from Biel or look at it once i found that NM vid i posted! glad you caught it!! no matter how much stuff gets spread around the twidom, people always miss stuff... love it! she does the most amazing videos.

    : )

  2. @STY: She truly does! I first saw her vids on your site and you both raved about her. She is AMAZING. And, Robward isn't half bad either ;)

  3. She is amazing ~ and you can just can't watch them (or Him)too much!

  4. Wow, I probably would have missed that yumminess. Thanks for posting!

  5. @Paper Bell: No prob! have watched it like 4 times already. Can't stop..HELP!?

  6. holy hell in a handbasket...**pants**
    i've said it before and i'll say it again.
    Biel = Genius
    if rob doesn't do me in (i wish) her vids will.
    nom nom nom...


  7. @smartEpantz: My sentiments exactly. *drool*

  8. Was that only 2 minutes long? I got sooooooo lost in it...and may have back it up over and over.

    Nothing like pulling the cream center out of the Twinkie! Those were all my fav parts!! Who needs the New Moon DVD copy I reserved at Target today when I have that--Ok I do.

  9. Wow, that is really a beautiful video. But Jacob's appearance did take me by surprise, LoL.

    She's got amazing editing skills, and a really good software that Biel. :D

    Oh, and Jen, i will tell you on Twitter about Richard aka Dick.

  10. Slobber...slobber...drool! Sweet!

  11. I have never seen this Biel video. It's amazing! She always pics the best music. I tried making videos a while back but then I figured, with Biel doing it, why bother?

  12. It's all there. Everything. The first kiss. The parking lot kiss. The birthday kiss. The reunion kiss. The forgiveness kiss. Wow. Just. Wow. *BIG O*



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