Monday, February 8, 2010

New Eclipse stills & Rob sighting! (Squeeeee!)

*Thud*...that's my heart stoppin' ya know?! me some Bellward!!! (and Robsten...take that "I don't give a Crapstens!")

You can check out the other pic here.

P.S. I really have a bad feeling about that wig. I think it's gonna bug!

And as if that pic wasn't enough..LOOK! It's Rob, recently spotted out & about in London with pal Tom Sturridge. Yay, the beard is gone...for now.

Thx to Robsessed.

P.S. not sure if it's a pap pic or a fan pic. Nonetheless, he looks happy.

Have your co-workers come to your aid yet? (you know, after all that out-of-control squeeeeing?) Mine just giggled at me...she knows all about the obsession. I have tried to push Twilight on her...tried & failed. She's "not a reader." WTF?!? An 8 year old could follow Twilight. I still love her though...and I'll keep trying.

*Kept it short & sweet for those with scrollitis. =)



  1. THANK YOU! He's smiling..sigh...And her arm is not blocking my view this time of his face!

    So you are dating Rob and told by the people who sign your paycheck not to go public...what do you do to both stake your claim and say "screw you" to Summit? Well I'd pull a plaid shirt from my boyfriend's closet and insist on wearing it on film with the sleeves rolled up like he did in New Moon. ***We're on to you KStew!

  2. @Twifiltered brain- Too funny! Wonder if it's really Rob's? LOL Did you check out the other one...prettty steamy! Thx for the comment!

  3. I def checked out the other pic b/c when it comes to Rob, I try to be thorough! And I'm sticking by my story--just look at them smiling to each other over their little plaid inside joke! LOL

  4. @Twifiltered - I love your perspective! Ha...
    Rob: "Summit can suck it."
    Kristen: "I know what I'd like to suck...."

  5. Thank you for the post! I was in dire need and as usual your blog supplied the needed element. Weeeeeeeeee's! abound.

    p.s. The co-worker in crime: Have you tried slipping her the Midnight Sun? I know that sounds dirty but that's how I got my anti-Twi sister on 3rd graders read 200 page pdf's right?

  6. @Scarlet Charlotte...haven't tried yet...however she has enough trouble turning on the computer. Baahhaaaa. I am convinced, though unfortunate, that some people just aren't into it. I have pimped out the book to 2 of my neighbors. 1 LOVED IT, the other thought it was alright. Aaahhh just gave myself a great idea for a post. *Muuuaaah*

  7. oh f**k me! I totally know that pub he's walking past...I used to work around the corner. Today is the first time I genuinely would rather be in London than LA. Oh well, I'm going back for a visit in 5 weeks and he'll still be there then.....sigh.....

    p.s. SQUEEEEEEEE!!!

  8. @Emmylou- OMG U have to RPATTZ stalk!!!! And, report back! So jealous!!!

  9. @Twired Jen - I like your blog. The Rob stripping video next to me right now is nice to behold as well. FYI I just added you to my blogroll ;)

  10. speaking of the stripping video... is his mipple edited out??

  11. @twilightcupcake...will add yours to mine as well, if I didn't already last night. Was so tired!


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