Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentines Day to all of us!!! Wow, what a treat! Obviously I lied about not posting much this week...if stuff like this keeps popping up, I'll be a woman on a mission!

UPDATE: I just added 3 new pics!!! Scroll down if you think you can handle it :)

2nd UPDATE: Apparently these were leaked and technically considered ILLEGAL. So, with respect
(huh?) to Summitt, I have removed them. BUT, I left the descriptions. ;)

Woah, check out Edwards marble chest! (Damn Robward... grazing some Bellstew boob!)

This was one of my fave parts of the book! (Grab that Bellstew ass!)

Is KStew wearing his flannel again? (he's totally copping a feel of the Bellstew crack!)

Ooooh, look at the snow! Just how I imagined it while reading...minus Bryce Dallas Howard.


Robward lip porn at it's best!!! (not likin' the wig...)

Camera not rolling? Robsten love?!

They are too cute! (minus Bellstew wig)

Holy hell! Rob has got the "I am trying to control the increasing fire in my throat, while wanting to f*ck your brains out and not kill you at the same time" look down. (thx to Twired Sista' for that one)



  1. I love these pics and I hate these pics. Why did they have to show us THE scene? I wanted to save it for the movie. But I couldn't look away . . . and still can't. Gah!

  2. I actually forgot it wasn't Rachelle when I first saw the picture.

  3. @lisa: I agree, it's like a car accident, you don't want to see it, but you can't look away. Ok, bad analogy. However...OMG the pics are just like I pictured it while reading!!!

    @Dangrdafne:I forgot as well, until I took another look and the hair looked off...then I immediately checked out the side of her face. Def doesn't look like the Victoria I remember. Oh well, beggers can't be choosers.

  4. @LatchkeyWife: I know sweetie, I know. I am in a daze..can barely work now. Great.

  5. I logged into Facebook this morning and there they were. Oh, well.... but... fucking YUM!

  6. @Honolulu Girl: omg I know! Had someone posted them? Or was it one of the twifan sites that posted it? I check religiously everymorning hoping for more..LOL!

  7. I can't wait for this movie!!!! I hope they finally do the books justice. I can't wait for the scenes in Edwards bedroom!!!!!! Sigh!

  8. In the books I had trouble wrapping my head around the "gold" bedding. I thought it seemed like a strange choice. Saw these pics and I love it! Love the way Rob looks with it--want it all in my own bedroom if it includes HIM! lol

    but the PLAID and wig definitely detract from the elegance of the bedding and the marvel that is Rob. Love his neckporn in that last pic!

    I wonder if in the Victoria scene Edward is watching Bella kiss Jacob. Ya know, just so Edward is hurt EVEN more by that stupid kiss!


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