Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 weeks from today:

Yes, you saw that correctly...I'll be 30. (2/16 to be exact...hint...hint...hint) Now in all honesty, I'm really looking forward to my 30's. Friends & family tell me that their 30's kicked some serious sweet ass. That, or they're just trying to hide the awful truth. The truth being that progressively my boobs are going to start sagging, the fine lines around my eyes are going to get deeper, hair will start growing in places I dare not mention, and I might be forced to take out my belly button piercing because I'm going to get really really FAT.

Ok, I have to stop dwelling on everything like Bella. One positive in all of this is that my bloggy cohort Sista' Sarah is hosting a party for me. She's making cupcakes instead of a cake. I have never been a big fan of cake in general...so I'm super excited. She's been playing around with some ideas such as Chai flavored cupcakes with crystalized rose petals on top. She's quite the baker, and I know whatever she does will be delish. I made her swear to me a while back that she wouldn't do anything like this:

Truly a work of art.

It's not like I wouldn't LOOOOVVVEEEEE a cake like this with my name on it, it's just that seductively licking it from top to bottom while cake-humping the side of it might not be something that my family & friends want to witness. Oh no, they aren't in the dark about my little obsession, it's just that I think that might be pushing the boundaries a bit.

However, when Sista' Sarah & I were discussing dessert options, I should have emailed her this. It might have been a little less conspicuous to the non-Twitards (do they really exist? gaahh, they do exist!)

Bella's beautiful birthday cake that she never got to enjoy.

Sista' Sarah is very creative, so I have no doubt the party is going to be a blast. I wish my new twi-bloggy friends could come! If you feel like flying into San Diego on 2/20, come on over ;) Just make sure to bring a present. I LOVE PRESENTS! Twitarded mugs and Twibite tees please, if you're feeling generous. Oh, and I wear a size S-M, depending on the t-shirt. $$$ donations are gladly accepted as well. I'm really wanting to fly to Foooorrrrkkkkkssss in Sept, but am broke as a joke right now. Oh, and if you want to wrap "him" up and send it my way, I wouldn't complain either...in fact I might hump your leg in gratitude...before I move on to HIM.

I'm a sucker for Rob in a tux. Points if you send him naked instead!



  1. That is funny! I want a cake like that. I will be 33 on Thursday! I am enjoying my 30s much more than I did my 20s.

  2. For a few years now I've been dreading the big THREE OH, but now, when it's finally going to be here (well, in a little less than two months), I don't feel so bad or stressed about it. I think that the change in the number will bring some good changes. What thrills me the most, is that I've heard countless times that women in experience better orgasms in their thirties than in their twenties. Well, mine are sure as hell gonna be hard to top, but I wouldn't mind seeing them go to the next level. :D
    Happy (im)maturity to us.

  3. Hey Jelena, just noticed this...sorry!
    Happy early 30 to you! PS...can't wait to see if they get even better. LOL

  4. I dont want to comment and make you feel bad.
    Im 19 years of age...and have a while before 30. So I cant sympathise.

    :D dont hate me..


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