Monday, February 1, 2010

Robward on a Stick returns to W. Hollywood!

Most recently "Robward on a Stick" returned to the Motherland, aka West Hollywood. Last time he left San Diego, it was to see the 100 Monkeys for the 1st time, and to wait in line with us at the New Moon Premiere in Westwood. He was dying to get in the car and hightail it out of town.

Truth be told, I think he was afraid to be left behind w/ Notsotwired bf. He thinks Notsotwired bf purposely spills stuff on him...I have never witnessed it with my human eyes, so all I can do is trust his velvety words....and the stains. Here are a few pics of his adventure.

He decided it was safer to stay in the car during our stop @ Taco know, to avoid the paps and all. Don't feel bad, we bought him a crunch wrap. Vegetarian of course.

Right after we checked into the hotel, Robward disappeared. I almost had a seizure...until I realized he'd snuck into our King Sized bed... "ROBWARD, you NAUGHTY BOY! Then he looked at us sheepishly and mouthed "Menage troise?" (No Robward on a Stick, incest is not best. Sista' waits outside!)

I was trying to show him Santa Monica Blvd from our hotel room...I couldn't see anything out our window, but I'm sure he could with his Vamp-vision.

I'm not sure if he might have been a bit miffed that we didn't let him tag along to the Viper Room...I just thought it might be best for him to chill in the hotel room, order some rm. service and chill out...away from Notsotwired bf. Plus, I don't know how Jacksper would have felt about the competition.

xo J


  1. Holy shit that is the scariest Robward I've ever seen!! WTF did YOU do to him?! His eyes are going to HAUNT MY DREAMS!!!


    I have to be honest, we have a similar head and it once scared the shit out of me because it was just lying there... on the floor... staring at me.

    Nope. Yours is creepier. I love it!

  2. Actually I printed it out at work (gasp!) then used an exact-o knife to cut out the eyes...then I drew in some black ones.

    Sista' Sarah met him for the 1st time @ our New Moon Slumber party and said his eyes needed to be golden, so she grabbed a marker and went to town. Pretty neat eh?

    Thinking about making a new Robward...considering the mystery stains are really flipping me out!

  3. Pftt... that was our second meeting.

    Oh and you forgot to mention that those scars are not just mystery stains... they are newborn scars... heh.

  4. @Sarah, I was referring to our 1st time seeing JRath....Robward didn't come to the second show.

  5. Oh you meant was your 2nd time meeting him..I remember now. You met him on the way to LA first...then at New Moon Slumber Party second.


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