Monday, March 1, 2010

RPattz on the Today Show

I'm sure you have already seen tons of these pics on some of the super popular sites such as Robsessed &, but I'd like to post them anyway, as a tribute of the adorkability of Rob. If you haven't already seen the Today Show interview, you can see it here. Otherwise, enjoy these pictures of Rob leaving the NBC building.

that smile....*sigh*

Bel Ami hair + a rather casual look...
Cute, though borderline hobo Rob.

I read on Robsessed that Rob spent some time signing autographs and greeting fans prior to & after the interview. Popsugar gives a quick re-cap here. Check out his smile in the vid, it stuns me every time!

I'm off to work soon (afternoon shift, blah!)...enjoy your Monday! If you didn't see my Sunday shout-outs, you can check them out below.



  1. These are the first pics I have seen, Jen. Just now taking my lunch break. I always hop on twitter first before trolling the blogs to take a peek at what's going on, and I saw the link to your post :) I can't watch vids at work, although I'm dying to. You're right. He is borderline hobolicious in those pics. I LOVE HIM!!


  2. LOL, isn't he adorkable!?! I just emailed u some Robsten info, since you're my true Robsten buddy! Gaaahh! There is so much info to absorb! Things are going to be getting pretty crazy around here in the next few days...LOVE IT!

    I have to work at 1pm today :( But am anxiously awaiting pics/vids from the premiere tonight!


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